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Published: 11.3.2019
amanda lepor

Besides, Amanda Lepore after operations continues career in fashion industry. The bottle of its spirits, for example, costs up to 1000 dollars.

Amanda Lepor in youth, continuing to remain physically the boy, studied in college. She liked to do a make-up to herself, but not someone. Then, in 16 years, future star began to sew to order suits for strippers. Suits it is possible to call hardly these millimetric pieces of fabric sheathed by beads and rhinestones. As payment took hormonal medicines. Their saw is a lot of as soon as it is possible. The breast. & #8220 began to grow; Мисс” Lepor dressed up in baggy things not to show change in a body. But when mother saw her after a shower and asked that it, she answered: "I do not know. They just grew up". Amanda Lepor obtained to herself the boyfriend of the plastic surgeon who did not throw her, having even learned that it she the man. From this point also the epic of war of Armand with the male body began.

Amanda Lepore in the childhood was the most ordinary boy by the name of Armand. Later she admits that she always considered herself the girl, and did not understand why on it diligently pull men's wear. In family where mother was a schizophrenic to dig in morale of the son there was nobody. The father worked eternally, providing family. Trying to apologize somehow for crazy mother, he allowed the son to buy to himself dolls. The father considered that the child just lacks maternal care. He thought so up to 11 years of the boy, at this age Armand said that he wants to change sex.

In youth Amanda wanted to get rid of a hated body of Armand. There was a process of transformation into several stages.

the 46-year-old model, the designer and the party-goer of Amanda Lepore says that it is very happy. And not from the fact that it is world famous and rich, and from the fact that has such body of which so dreamed in the childhood. For the sake of this dream it also carried out a half of life under a scalpel of plastic surgeons.

Amanda Lepor-star star of all transsexuals of the planet. Its way to scandalous popularity was long and thorny. Her body is called the most expensive in the world now. As Amanda Lepore won the world popularity and what it costed it, learn right now.

It was like a bolt from the blue as the shame covering ordinary family. "The son will be a homosexual" - the father was firmly assured, and, having waved a hand, decided to send the child to study as the stylist. Armand needed to finish training at school, and it was the most awful. Still considered his tinted physiognomy a consequence of hobby for a rock'n'roll. But he was beaten and sneered for a womanly look and manners.

The woman ran away from the jealous husband to New York. A. Lepor after operations had the appetizing skillfully sewed body. Working as the manicurist, she settled on an innocent side job in a sado-maso club. With huge lips, a breast and buttocks, she perfectly fitted into an image of "madam". It properly quilted clients, fulfilling salary. It seemed that her life and will consist in nail varnishes and lashes, but there was a fatal meeting.

On her body there is no slightest not operated place left. How many this fantastic transformation costed it to the boyfriend, remains a secret, but Amanda Lepore, mysteriously smiling to the fish mouth says that the sum is fabulous.

At the Amanda Lepore party meets the photographer David LaChapelle. The woman became his muse, and Amanda Lepor's photos brought to the woman star popularity. Now she is the most anticipated guest at any party. After acquaintance to the photographer, the new fashionable model Amanda appears as the person of advertizing for M.A.C., Heatherette, Swatch, Mego Jeans, CAMP Cosmetics and many other companies.


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