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Published: 17.3.2019
useful properties of banana: interesting facts

It is necessary to eat "paradise" fruit with care with that who has a renal failure as this pathology quite often is followed by a giperkaliyemiya - the increased potassium content in blood, and it is fraught with various complications. If potassium level in an organism is exceeded, it is better to replace bananas with "safer" fruit.

Probably very few people think of that, the most habitual fruit among which banana is especially popular are how useful to our health. Meanwhile useful properties of bananas can be used even in treatment of some illnesses. As these fruit influence an organism and whether there are contraindications to their use?

As it was already told above, banana & #8212; good prophylactic of cardiovascular diseases, but for those who already underwent a heart attack has thrombophlebitis and a varicosity in the anamnesis, this product becomes harmful as enhances viscosity of blood. With blood circulation violations it can be very dangerous to people. For the same reason doctors do not advise to be fond of bananas and to men: a large number of these fruits in a diet can provoke problems with erectile function.

To understand what properties of banana positively affect a human body, it is worth paying attention to structure of fruit. It appears, banana - the real vitamin storeroom: it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Among them there are group B vitamins, Retinolum, vitamins E, PP, ascorbic acid. It is possible to find the vital potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and also the special active organic matter which are responsible for certain chemical processes in our organism in it.

Such rich vitamin and mineral structure of tropical fruit does it by the major product in a diet as healthy people, and those who need a specialized improving diet. It in the best way influences nervous and blood systems, intestines and other digestive organs. Here, in what cases consumption of banana will be especially useful:

Contraindications to the use of a tropical fruit concern also those who suffer from the excess weight and diabetes because bananas there is enough kaloriyna and contain a large number of sugar. At pathologies of exchange processes nutritionists recommend if not completely to exclude fruit, then to seriously limit its consumption.

As it is sad, but even such remarkable product has contraindications. Therefore fans of bananas need to remember that excessive hobby for this fruit sometimes can influence an organism not in the best way.

Experts claim that the most important in consumption of bananas - to know when to stop. If you have no contraindications, then in day it is possible to eat safely 3 bananas without fear to do much harm to the health.

On it useful influence of "paradise" fruit on an organism does not come to an end. It can be used and outwardly, for example, at production of natural cosmetics for care of skin and hair. Such means perfectly humidify an integument and fight against small inflammations. Masks for hair on the basis of banana pulp are recommended to those who dreams to get rid of their dryness and split ends.

In spite of the fact that banana does not belong to high-allergenic, at any manifestation of an allergy (rash, an itch and other) it is better to refuse it. It is especially important to consider contraindications in the form of individual intolerance at introduction of fruit to a diet of small children. Sweet banana puree is to the taste to babies who only begin to taste "adult" food. But it is necessary to acquaint the child with such feeding up gradually, since a half of a teaspoon and attentively watching how the organism of the kid reacts to a new product. It is the best of all for adult to eat these fruit after meal: eaten on an empty stomach, they can cause an abdominal distension and other unpleasant symptoms of disorder of intestines.


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