New heading: not to dismiss the employee and to survive

Published: 15.3.2019
how to form the team of professionals: not to dismiss the employee and to survive

And in the conclusion. At the end of March of this year the Microsoft corporation started a chat boat in twitter. Name of its Tay. It communicated with people of Earth, seeking to understand their essence and to fall in love with them. However (attention, a drama turn begins) already by the end of the first day of communication with people of Earth the boat began to hate people, and the Microsoft company with shame had to delete records of the robot and his message to sleep.

There is a habit since the childhood to trust books. I came into book and looked at shelves on management. Ichak Adizes told me from pages of the best-seller: "Employ different!" Be not afraid supposedly if participants of team do not resemble you. They can be stronger than you, they can look in other party from you, but look at the hands - fingers different too, but serve you equally well.

Love, because itself would like to work in the turquoise organization. What does it mean? Means, to work with people who love you and appreciate. And whom you also love and appreciate, and all of you the friend for the friend and with each other (very meow, pussycats pussycats, fyr-fyr).

But what experience acquired such consent? A swan, cancer and the pike put to one vehicle. Broke off the vehicle together with a swan and cancer, the pike departured.

In parallel with production of online courses, in the same 24 hours of usual day (we are not weaklings fools, we work around the clock!), I looked for that dream team slowly to distribute to everyone a part put and to increase turns. But here is how to make this team?

This dream! Then no stress is terrible and downshifting is not necessary. I as the specialist with a 20-year experience of continuous work say it.

I thought: "Well, Itzhak, is pleasant to me your provocative idea". Also began to gather such collective - people who "others".

BUT! (Here tears begin.) Such feint turns out only in case society grew (society, hey!) if it is ready to refuse chiefs and subordinates; to receive about one sum of salary in the organization. If each specific employee is ready to fulfill not only the working obligations, but also for that guy if to the guy нужно… And the guy for you will work tomorrow. And all are happy and happy. Nobody shirks because he understands how it - to shirk work.

It was talked of formation of group of a videoprodakshn for the new educational platform. When I was employed, I was one, and tasks - the employer burns down now! - delivered to me as on completely created and rolled group. I did not bring and one began to slave away as the whole group. Affairs went uphill, one behind one on the portal educational lectures appeared.

Microconclusion #1: when you take team, take it under yourself. Quality mark. It is checked on itself!

And so I about what, my reader. If you had it, know - you are not one! When the pike turns into the fox who paid a visit to a hare it happens too.

In my small system of coordinates for the good of the Great owner ("to the prince profit, to squirrel honor" *) the team of professionals appeared: producers, director, film editor, coordinator. In total nothing, but in Russia there is a trial period when Itzhak's model precisely works. But then there comes the introduction period in the full labor relations - and here, forgive Itzhak, the model begins to limp.

Микровывод#3: read books, but accurately put them into practice - people are different! But it is besides so ridiculous: it seems as I also contradict myself, but the more you will read, the less will be mistaken.

Jack Mitchell "Embrace the employees". I agree with Jack Mitchell, his talent and experience. The personal relations are very much and is very important and paramount, but besides - they are abrupt and changeable, the Russian realities. Again I will give an example from practice.

As I learned later, the guy was from a large family and, probably, to mother had no time for embraces. Daniil a wolf looked at me until the end of the project and for me was lost.

Somewhere about a year ago to me suggested to head the interesting direction of business in a format, absolutely new to me. "E-hey! We are not afraid of tasks" - I told myself and jerked in fight.

And so, one wonderful young man - Daniil, the judge was included in this project. He with huge work made contact, and I tried to apply Jack Mitchell's technique. Approached with a smile Daniil and slightly touched him for an elbow. Result? Daniil loudly shouted and escaped from me.

We will go further. At the soveremnny workaholic work occupies not less than 70% of vital space. The dream is still minus some time, and further - on circumstances. And so, constantly you think, work - whether this that place where friends have to be or after all not, and it is worth keeping aloof? And again we read books.

Microconclusion #2: books need to be read, but also to apply them in the practice better on an old Russian proverb "hundred times measure, cut off one".

The book by Frederik Lala "Became opening for me opening the organizations of the future" - it is my love and tears.

On other project I should take different creative people too (dashing there were times! Models, famous creative people, звёзды…) and from time to time to motivate them. It was talked of a television reality show. As a rule, such project is removed without pauses within a month or one and a half. What is rather heavy, of course. Even food - and that on the run is so much days without normal dream and rest.

Maxim Batyrev (Battalion commander) with the creation "45 tattoos of the manager" where on the 127th page of a paper format, in Chapter 19, it is in black and white told that the team is only adherents the game joins. Maxim, after long and bloody fights I agree with you!

Here such we, people of Earth, pig-headed and conflict. So we will look at ourselves, we will read clever books and with belief in the best we will continue the run on our Earth. Ahead summer!


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