Is updated: experts warn buyers against mistakes during the sales

Published: 27.3.2018
experts warn buyers against mistakes during the sales

In Russia there take place two types of large sales: Cyber Monday and & laquo; black пятница» in November. Both for the first time appeared in the USA where they are the beginning of a season of Christmas sales. However, the American colleagues hold the sales in November with a difference to couple of days. After Friday & laquo; налетов» on offline-shops, on Monday morning Americans continue to shop already in online stores.


By experience of the previous actions the maximum discounts were established on unmarketable goods, and the most demanded categories of the equipment and model, on the contrary, in a sale rose in price.

Do not forget to check an expiration date

On a sale often there are goods of the famous producers, from running categories, but unsuccessful. Therefore before to buy, it is necessary to read at least couple of responses.

Especially meticulous participants of Cyber Monday compare price tags of shops prior to the sale and during it. And here pricing miracles can be found. For example, participants of group & laquo; Cyber Monday по-русски» found on a sale the TV for 22 999 rubles which, judging by the price tag, cost about 28 thousand till its beginning. But the photo says several days earlier that the price of the TV was 23 140 rubles, that is the discount made only 140 rubles.

It is also worth noting that similar acts fall on the period of traditional recession of consumer activity. And the companies plan to attract clients and to increase sales. More than 300 online stores and online services participate in a current action, it is twice more, than in January.

The chairman of presidium of the Retail Companies Association (AKOPT) Ilya Lomakin-Rumyantsev connects blossoming of interest in shops with decrease in real salaries of Russians. It shows that people are in a difficult situation when it is necessary to save each kopek on products, on brands & #8211; a word, on goods to which quality strict requirements are not imposed.

In Russia shops & laquo also gain popularity; одной» the fixed price. Charms & laquo; all on 50 (100) рублей» magically affect also shopaholics who snatch away cheap trifles, and on money-bags & #8211; citizens come to get accustomed, vividly are interested in the choice. 80 percent of Russians told that they already managed to make purchases in such format.

More than 280 000 people already use for control of the finance, 55% of users considerably improve the financial state, 25% & #8211; get clear of debts, 22% & #8211; achieve goals in a year of use of service.


1. Will help you to bring order to expenses and to set the objects (purchase of the real estate, the car, payment of the credits, education, etc.).

3. Will prompt how to increase the CAPITAL and to reach financial independence, to create savings for the children


2. Will create the budget for every month so that you will always have the sufficient rest of money

To prepare for sales experts advise in advance. To make the list of purchases, to determine the sum which also laquo are ready to spend.; It is necessary to compare the price not only to initial, but also to the prices конкурентов» & #8211; Alexander Popov, the head of a control system of personal finance of speaks. Now it is easy to make it by means of aggregators of the prices.

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For example, after the January similar act experts & laquo; Yandex. Маркета» conducted a research and found out that discounts mentioned only 9 percent of the range of the shops participating in an action, and 18 percent of products grew in price at all. Besides, on such sales where the passion forces people to forget about care, swindlers who steal money from cash cards of clients. & laquo quite often work; Update the antivirus software, check reliability of the website seller, whenever possible make purchases with payment at получении» & #8211; experts & laquo advise; РГ».

Participants promise discounts to 90 percent to inhabitants of all regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Association of the Companies of Internet Trade (ACIT) notes transition of buyers from offline in online. In 2016 the number of buyers of online stores already grew by 7 percent. & laquo; We hope that following the results of a year growth will be not less than na12 процентов» & #8211; Alexey Fedorov, the president of AKIT speaks. Online stores prepare special offers on the priority products or the most demanded types of goods for an action, cancel the commissions. This year promise to expand the section of goods of the Russian production. In January it was submitted by 700 goods, this time offers there will be already more than 5000.

But if shops are ready to extend discounts to clothes and footwear about 75 percent, then sellers of building materials say at once that they during such period, brisk for construction, will allow a discount from 5 to 30 percent depending on category of goods.


In Russia there are more and more popular also laquo; black пятницы» and & laquo; cheap понедельники». Crisis time & #8211; favorable circumstances for various actions on sales of goods, experts & laquo say; РГ».

Compare the prices, you will not regret

Constant judges of shops & laquo; одной» the prices suggest beginners to draw close attention, first, to structure and expiration dates of goods, especially food.

Secondly, not to forget to wonder: & laquo; And whether I need it? To multiply in the house dust collectors on 50 rubles? & raquo;

Thirdly to mean that a part of goods from the presented range can be bought cheaper in other shops. These & laquo; small хитрости» also part of strategy of shops & laquo; одной» prices.

However, according to Lomakin-Rumyantsev, the future of such shops & #8211; unsteady is also connected with the rate of inflation. In need of increase & laquo; fixed цены» can quickly lose appeal, the expert warns. But there is also other opinion. According to the head & laquo; Infoline-Аналитика» Mikhail Burmistrov, theoretically potential of growth of shops & laquo; одной» the prices in Russia are made by about 250 billion rubles of a turn that there correspond about 1,1 percent of retail trade turnover. Growth potential almost triple, Burmistrov says. It in turn assumes active expansion of such format at least in the next five years. Well, time will show.


According to data & laquo; Infoline-Аналитика» in & laquo; портфеле» purchases of such shops half of the range & #8211; import. Its share is especially high in types of goods for the house, office and haberdashery. Deliveries mainly go from China where the whole industry which stamps target goods only for shops & laquo is created; одной» prices worldwide. But the main suppliers of clothes for the Russian shops & laquo; одной» the prices are after all the CIS countries, first of all Uzbekistan.

Here and the second this year so-called & laquo; киберпонедельник» starts today, on May 30. Still Cyber Monday was spent once a year & #8211; in January, the May sale will take place for the first time. In total visitors of online stores have a day to use discounts which are promised by sellers. However at all appeal of sales and, apparently, cheap goods it is necessary to treat them with & laquo; cold головой» experts & laquo advise; РГ».

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