Medical travel insurance, going abroad, online in 2019, a novelty

Published: 25.3.2018
medical travel insurance, going abroad, online in 2019

Being shipped in a travel or to a business trip outward, do not forget about the policy of assurance. Payment of the small sum before a travel can save you from a large number of efforts if something goes not so. Especially it concerns fans of extreme sports and active holiday where the increased injury risk. Treatment abroad will manage in a round sum for the foreign citizen, and existence of the issued policy will provide you its covering.

the Ingosstrakh Company offers

the minimum tariff of inactive rest for 1400 rubles, and the sum of an insurance will be 40 thousand dollars. Ingosstrakh includes the following services in cost:

It should be noted that tour operators by default include only medical travel insurance in the cost of the permit going abroad therefore other insured events the extra charge and registration if desired is required to insure.

Features of travel insurance in Sberbank a little in what differ from other insurance companies. The minimum sum according to the policy is 35 thousand euros, and the policy with the minimum package of services can be acquired for 1600 rubles.

SPAO "RESO-Garantiya" for 1,5 thousand rubles suggests to issue the policy including:

Under the law of Russia adopted in 1997, personal travel insurance can be issued with legal entity which acts as the insurer and undertakes to undertake a guarantee on payment of compensation in case of approach of an insurance event. It can be connected with infliction of harm to health during accident or a disease, damage of property and other.

The Renaissance Insurance company for 1,4 thousand rubles offers:

Technologies evolved dramatically forward, on the websites of insurance companies there are online calculators allowing to calculate the insurance amount independently. If you accepted the sum for a package, the provided services during the insured event, then you can issue the policy online. Availability of service online allows to compare the prices and services to competitors and to choose what suits you, without leaving the house.

And also if you make out the permit through tour operator, then the insurance to you can be issued by default and the sum for it will be already included in tour cost. However in that case you can refuse the offered policy and independently be insured with other insurer.

Before buying an insurance, we find the rating of insurance companies in the Internet and we compare the cost, services, the payment sum, surely we read about assistans and comments on them. It is possible to make it here.

Rosgosstrakh offers also terms on a case of active holiday, but the sum of an insurance will increase. And also on the website Rosgosstrakh sports which can be specified in the insurance policy are specified.

The special attention is necessary at processing of visa to Finland, the neighboring country demands existence of an insurance for the period from the date of submission of documents on the visa.

Going on the vacation under the own steam to the visa-free countries, you can not make out an insurance since its existence is not regulated by orders of entry into the similar states. But it should be taken into account that it is better to issue at least the health insurance, especially if you plan active holiday.

It is the minimum package of services offered by this insurance company. On the website "RESO-Garant" it is impossible to choose "active holiday" or "quiet rest" therefore attentively get acquainted with what is included into your policy and pay in addition if expanded conditions are necessary.

In more detail about insurance of the persons who are going abroad it is possible to learn from video.

At the same time the insured sum of the Soglasiye company makes at least 30 thousand dollars. And also in this company it is possible to choose fuller policy in which it is admissible to include life insurance or other points.

At active holiday JSC Tinkoff strakhovaniye increases the sum of an insurance.

Attentively study the contract before signing and consider this information during rest.

The period of insurance begins with the moment of escape by the tourist of the residence and comes to an end upon return.

The contract of travel insurance has very important section with restrictions and situations in which you do not receive compensation:

Features of insurance at trip abroad can be learned from video.

To compare the prices of an insurance from leading companies and to buy the policy within 5 minutes which with guarantee is suitable for processing of visa to any of the country it is possible here.

Personal travel insurance occur on one of two ways:

Here you can count an insurance to any country and compare the prices from all these companies online.

Conditions of insurance of the Russian tourists are approximately identical in all above-mentioned companies, compare independently in online calculations of cost of a package of services.

In case of a trauma insurance provides communication with local employees of health care, the transfer to hospital if necessary causes into place incident, controls process of delivery of health care. Insurance of the Russian tourists upon accidents includes at emergence of incident with a lethal outcome transportation of remains to the place of residence in the homeland.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, compare: with what assistans this or that insurance works, read responses. Now any information can be found online, it is optional even to call. Being shipped in a travel outward, abroad it is important to have the good partner as an assistans on a case of emergence of an insured event.

Once you consider that at "Renaissance" on each point the limit of means and if you exhaust it, for example, was required to you treatment for a large sum, than 30 thousand dollars, then over this sum you pay independently and will not be able to use other services of the policy any more.

VTB Insurance offers the minimum package of services for 1700 rubles, and on the official site of VTB Insurance it is possible to choose only 2 options of the sum of insurance: on 50 and for 100 thousand dollars or euro.

In the market there are a lot of firms providing services in insurance of citizens and their property now, programs are, at first sight, similar, but there are also many distinctive nuances, one of which is the cost of the provided service. The state did not regulate the fixed cost on service therefore the price depends on insurance company, but thanks to the competition it is possible to choose the package of services suitable you at the favorable price.

Obligatory insurance for tourists is required at visa processing, it concerns at visit of all visa countries. The lack of an insurance can initiate refusal in adoption of documents for visa processing. It should be noted that the short-term insurance is made out for all term of arrival in the country, and in such countries as Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Australia the insurance policy has to be 15 days more, than time of stay in the country and to cover the period after your alleged departure.

On the website of the company it is possible to add the "active holiday" point or to increase the insurance sum at additional expense.

Therefore when choosing insurance to know in more detail better with what assistansa it works, depends on them on how many qualitatively and quickly you will be helped, on their responsibility money transfer in hospital from insurance and communication with doctors when rendering medical care to you.

The list of the services included in the policy:

Personal travel insurance requires bigger attention to such nuances since in travel agencies it is in advance provided.

The main leaders of the industry are the following companies:

There are two types of insurance for tourists: short-term and long-term. Short-term - slightly bigger is made out on one trip abroad for the term of stay or in certain cases. And long-term it is made out for the term of 60 calendar days during which you can go to a trip several times.

This policy will suit the tourists who are not planning active holiday enter a package:

If the assistansky company unfairly fulfills the obligations to hospital, then it can be included in the black list and you will not be helped.

It is also possible to specify and sports in which you plan to be engaged, but it will increase insurance cost.

Ingosstrakh at additional expense includes insurance upon accident when besides treatment it is possible to receive also monetary compensation.

Personal travel insurance can issue both legal, and the individual, and here can act as the insured person only the natural person. Capable and incapacitated citizens, including children up to 16 years and adults after 80 years are subject to insurance.

If for some reason you got sick and prescribed you medicines, then it is recommended to call before their acquisition insurance and to be convinced that this medicine is included into the list paid by insurance company, after purchase keep all checks for granting in insurance.

Insurance of the Russian tourists is led quickly and without excess efforts, rules of insurance do not differ, you will need to enter passport data, date when tourists come and leave the country of rest and also age.

"Insurance" suggests to pay Tinkoff for the minimum tariff 2750 rubles, at the same time the sum of an insurance will be 30 thousand euros. The company on the website does not specify concrete services which enter a tourist insurance. But it is accurately specified that this policy works only at quiet rest, and payments will not be made if you were traumatized at occupations active sport.

The company offers the policy for the moderate sum of 1200 thousand rubles, and the insured sum according to it will make 30 thousand euros. On the website there are no specifically listed services entering the minimum package of a tourist insurance, but "Liberti insurance" also suggests to complement it with the program of "active holiday" and other additional services.

Registration of an insurance not always a thing especially voluntary, in a number of the countries, including Schengen, insurance is obligatory at receipt of a visa.

Without insurance it is better not to travel because there can be anything and is better provide possible risks, especially if with you children or people of old age travel, visiting the countries with a different climate, it is possible to feel how an easy indisposition, and to test serious consequences of acclimatization. And fans of outdoor activities and even less so should be insured since injury risk considerably increases, you should not forget about it, take care also the health.

The Schengen visa demands existence of an insurance a minimum of 35 thousand euros, and here at visit of the United States of America you should be insured for the sum from 50 thousand dollars. And if you decided to go to Austria, then you will need to be insured for winter sports whether you will do them regardless.

Quickly it is possible to issue an insurance which with guarantee will be suitable for execution of any visa within 5 minutes on this website.

Insurance of the Russian tourists in Rosgosstrakh happens a minimum for 1750 rubles and offers the policy for the sum of 40 thousand dollars or euro (at choice). The list includes rendering the following services:

In tourist area the most popular fields of insurance are:

The Soglasiye company offers an insurance for 900 rubles and it includes the following services:


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