Comic book and its superabilities, popular

Published: 23.3.2018
comic book and its superabilities

Somehow the writer Dave Eggers (the author of that "Sphere" which was picturized in the eponymous movie) said in the New York Times: "The graphic novel - not crippled cousin of usual literature, but her sister mutant who can the same as the usual text, and is more often - even more". In a case when laziness it are pleasant to tell me in detail, on a question, than me so comics, I answer with this quote.

"Uutnut an eguyaor of an uuk, yayamo yayady with erelyuaatey is a fall of a post! Uuamyu, yy ponaafissya ea moyeel, oaa it iss усшшихх…" - the doctor says, holding the hearing aid in hand. To understand about what here the speech, without picture it is actually impossible, and Bell does it intends. As she peered into the environment as the sight was more available it than hearing, and we peer into a shot, looking for hints.

Well and, of course, word-play. Everyone who takes in hand of Superukho notices soon that life of the Tit are constant oslyshka and attempts to think why to it suddenly suggest to drink a goat. Such oslyshka could occur in the usual book easily too, but they get additional support, additional measurement in the comic book. A half of a game around these oslyshka jumps on the picture, they is banal would not work without visual context. But with it the text becomes ridiculous and volume.

However, in certain cases when translating it was necessary to make the whole investigation to learn this or that shot from old series. It seems, I can tell about the American shows of the 70th not less Andy Griffith now (yes, he also is from these shows).

Or here still. Superukho - such simple and terse at first sight - it is visually extremely sated. Gets for all America into quite rarefied Bell's shot of the 70-80th with its shops, fashion, series, restaurants, schools and even broadcasts. We notice covers of books, shots from movies, plates, a TV-show and posters on walls. Tits quotes musicals and plays role-playing games on Startreka. And all this saturated space - visually. Bell does not need to paint what shows she watched with the brother and the sister - to us enough one look to recognize the captain Kirk and doctor Spock.

Bell almost completely lost hearing when four were her, all history of its further growing is story of a vslushivaniye and attempts to sort what tell people around about. History of awkward situations, such when there is a wish to draw in fingers in boots or to hide the face which reddened with shame in palms. Here your schoolmate approaches you and reports: "Mine the brother caught an octopus"! You approvingly nod, smile and say: "Cool!" - and only on strange changed look of the schoolmate you understand that something here not so. Of course not so, actually the brother of the schoolmate broke a leg, you caught it incorrectly.

It is a surprising example of how history demands to tell itself in a comic book format, how form and content are so densely linked, so strongly depend from each other what any more not to sort that initially.

I am not tired to be surprised to complexity of visual language. Even if the speech about the book picture on five turns, even if the speech about the simplest at first sight the comic book. In 99% of cases on closer examination it will turn out that the text and the image very thinly sonastroyena that behind each "simple" shot a huge number of thoughtful laborious work that the format chosen by the author - not a whim and not a craze, but the unique way to tell this story.

Of course, as a result it is necessary to break the head to translate "bear" and "pear" which in Russian absolutely unlike the friend on the friend "bear" and "pear", and in general more than once to face unsolvable, apparently, differences in languages, but on the other hand as tells Bell's Tits, "our differences are our superabilities".

Seriously, it seems to me if there is a certain field of an attraction, the certain active area semiosfer subordinating to itself all other areas now - it exactly here, near the graphic novel, the manga, the book picture or, say, the photoessay - any of a set of kinds of boundary, infinitely variable and infinitely free, courageous visual texts.

Maria Skaf is a literary critic, the translator, the researcher of visual literature. The author of scientific publications about the nature of visual narratives and specifics of visual and literary genres.

Superukho it is full of similar stories - it would seem, amusing, but only for the detached onlooker. The reader is involved in these stories over head and ears, and to him is already not amusing at all, but is infinitely awkward, sad and it is even a shame. Bell tries to obtain it one simple reception. Cannot sort a tit what tell people around about, and we together with it.


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