of Windows 10 works at 600 million devices, interesting

Published: 21.3.2018
microsoft opens champagne: windows 10 works at 600 million devices

The chief executive officer of the Redmond corporation Satya Nadella the second time for 2017 read official statistics on use of the flagman Microsoft operating system. So, Windows 10 is used on more than 600 000 000 various devices today. This number switched on computers, laptops, video game consoles of the Xbox One family, devices of the Surface Hub family and even a font of augmented reality of HoloLens. Nadella told about it at an annual meeting of shareholders of the company today.

W10 was established to

at the beginning of 2017 on 500 million devices. Not so long ago Microsoft decided to refuse support of the Windows Phone mobile operating system so in the nearest future we can become witnesses of the announcement of absolutely new smartphones running Windows 10. So far Microsoft keeps in line with the revised forecasts as it at the beginning of a year stated that by November it plans to come to a mark of 600 million devices. Whether it will manage to them to reach 1 billion devices - will show time.

Initially Microsoft planned to reach a level in 1 billion devices running Windows 10 by the beginning of 2018. But distribution of OS progressed not so quickly as the management of the company therefore it was necessary to refuse initial plans last year would like. It became clear to all that to a mark of one billion devices should be waited a little longer. Growth of distribution of Windows 10 strongly slowed down after Microsoft refused model of free updating from the previous versions of the operating system on new.

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