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Published: 29.3.2018
Toshiba cancelled the beginning of sales of clever wearvue glasses

The idea to release so-called "clever points" still haunts the numerous large companies. In spite of the fact that even at Google did not leave to make Google Glass popular, other producers of electronics still cherish hope that their product "will shoot" and will occupy the niche in the market. So also marketing specialists of the Japanese company Toshiba, but something went wrong considered, cancelled the beginning of sales of the device literally one week prior to earlier appointed date.

the Japanese producer officially declared

that it stops production Wearvue TG-1 and also cancels the start of sales appointed to the next week. These clever points were for the first time presented to the public on January 13 the current year and attracted to themselves the considerable interest of the Japanese and western press. Despite the not especially futuristic appearance, they showed high level of quality of the image projected directly on the right lens which is built in a frame. As target audience of points marketing specialists of Toshiba chose businessmen and also the staff of the plants and the "center"s of logistics who need to have constantly near at hand any important documents, tables and other useful information.

Curtailment of production of the gadget is connected with the fact that Toshiba goes through difficult times now. Not so long ago information that the company forged financial statements for 2011 and 2012 emerged, having artificially overestimated the profit honor for 2 billion dollars. The burst scandal strongly shattered reputation of the Japanese company and also caused impressive penalties. So far the future of Wearvue glasses remains not absolutely clear, but there is a small chance that the company will manage to get on feet again and to return to this frozen project.

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