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Published: 19.9.2017
with look for an alternative: what to replace bread at with weight loss

When the person wants to get rid of excess weight, the first that he should make - to reconsider the diet in favor of healthy nutrition, having refused the sweet, farinaceous food and other products harming a figure.

Today you learned

what products replace hlebushka. But you remember what bread you would not choose as replacement to buns from wheat flour, do not abuse a product. It is possible to lose weight, only controlling amount of the eaten food, not differently. Successful weight loss!

We will discuss the listed products one after another. So, small loafs first in line. It is necessary to tell at once that not all of them are useful to a figure. Products consist of various grains which have the caloric content, some high, others not really. So what small loafs it is better to choose? Buy the products prepared by an extrusion method, but not pastries. Of course, at first sight products such look not really appetizingly, are similar to unattractive weight from grains, but the product is natural.

For preparation a hlebushka take:

Those who after two o'clock in the afternoon will want to eat some sandwich should replace in it bread with a salad leaf. Such useful and tasty substitution will do only good.

If completely it is impossible to exclude from a diet of hlebushka, then it is possible to adhere to the certain diet consisting of two stages:

Dietary small loafs, ship's biscuits, products with bran can become fine replacement to darling a hlebushka.

If you want to throw off two-three of excess kg, then it is possible not to make cardinal changes to a diet. Will to cease eat white wheat rolls enough, having replaced them with products from mixed, and it is even better wholegrain, torments. Such products are also very tasty and are not so harmful to a figure.

Now you on a diet, are not going to grow thin strongly, know, than to replace white loaf in a diet, but there is more to come. Even you should not abuse whole-wheat flour products. 1-2 slices a day - quite sufficient portion of bread for the growing thin person. And it is necessary to eat the specified quantity of a product till 14 o'clock, otherwise weight reduction will not turn out.

If you cannot without hlebushka at all, then prepare it independently with bran which is rich with useful minerals, vitamins and cellulose.

Bread can be replaced with small loafs only in case the last have the correct structure. Therefore before purchase study the label. In structure there should not be excess components. It is ideal if the product consists of wholegrain or peeled torments of a rough grinding. The rye should not be present at the list of ingredients, it is desirable that there was no yeast, soda is allowed. Not bad, but it is absolutely optional, presence of seeds of sesame, a flax, etc.

Mix bran and flour, pour to them in kefir, add to a maslitsa, salt and soda. Knead dough. When it is ready, divide it into small flat cakes or balls. Products bake not less than half an hour in an oven at 180 degrees. It is useful to eat ready rolls not only growing thin, but also to all people who care for the health.

Some mistakenly consider that the Borodino bread - a product dietary, but it not so. You should not abuse such product.

With what else to replace hlebushka at a diet? For example, ship's biscuits. Such products can be in the form of flat cakes or cookies, in structure only flour (yachnevy, bean, pea, etc.) and water. Plus such product - a possibility of long storage. At the same time all useful properties and taste remain.

So, you decided to change the food, chose a diet or just excluded from the menu all junk food, but a question of for what it is possible to change bakery products, in particular hlebushka, and remained open. Let's try to understand it.

That who asks a question and whether it is possible to replace hlebushka completely with bran to answer unambiguously difficult. As such substitution is quite possible, but bran is a little similar to bread. Therefore if to you it is difficult without bakery products, then bake them, having added bran.

Strangely enough, but most of people very strongly concerns a question, than to replace bread at weight loss. If growing thin find an alternative to sweets quickly enough and without fat dishes can quite live, then absence in a diet of darling the hlebushka grieves many.

Unfortunately, most of citizens got used to eat practically all dishes to a vprikusk with roll, such combination very badly affects a figure. Quite often such meals also add excess kilogrammchik and a fat in a waist.

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