Selection: how to untwist the Internet resource

Published: 21.9.2017
how to untwist the Internet resource

I spread as the answer to numerous questions of my subscribers, related to that why the website is necessary how to attract on it a large number of the interested visitors and how to untwist the Internet resource - the short video report from the recent Traffic-2012 conference

A you watch that useful I received at this conference in my video response

Very much it was pleasant about 50 those for the blog, and that really you sit and you think that it to write how to be told, it seems you know everything, but you cannot tell. So after viewing of video of minutes for 7 wrote subjects 70 a minimum moreover really you understand that you can paint still some subjects still with that on 10-20. Very much Azamat's recall about the fact that his parents in the childhood switched advertizing amused, in my childhood advertizing on television was not!!!!

As I am a beginner in a saytostroyeniye and Internet business, council about the concrete plan of writing of the blog was pleasant. and that is a lot of thoughts and as where to write & #8212; not always you know! Thanks!

I very much thank you, for this video, the blog is, but somehow everything not really moves. It was very much inspired, we will look at how many me will be enough 

and still

Thanks but just about technical promotion of the website is not enough couple of minutes всего… All casually & #8212; validity, a binding across the territory a behavioural factor. Well nothing is over what to think, to look for a boom.

Information learn on the page of a koferention "Traffic-2012" more

Thanks for video! Interestingly. I will use councils for development of the website.

and still

I am a beginner in a saytostroyeniye too, but especially I liked video with Azamat Ushanov's performance and the idea of to tell how everything, but to do it not as everything, and in a different way, introducing some highlight.

Very valuable information for me. Already I use council about the plan of blogging. Who knows when the next conference & #8212; I want to participate.

for viewing of video press a black triangle in the "center"

Listen to opinion of professionals, plan for yourself what to begin with - and FORWARD = to large number of inquisitive subscribers and grateful clients.

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and still


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