Amusing : 20 curious facts from the book how to explain to the child science

Published: 17.9.2017
20 curious facts from the book how to explain to the child science

17. The microwave heats food by means of the powerful radiation which is absorbed by molecules of water and fat. Molecules begin to vibrate stronger, and products are warmed.

15. The first mechanism created by the person - the pointed axe from the Stone Age.

1. At the person who got to ice water, pulse slows down, and blood arrives only to vitals; as a result of such economy of oxygen of people several minutes can not breathe.

On materials of the book "How to Explain to the Child Science"

18. The lightning is capable to warm air of the surface of the Sun five times higher than temperature.

9. Photosynthesis - reversible reaction. If in cages of a plant there is too much glucose and oxygen, photobreath which turns them into carbon dioxide and water begins.

5. The person has 46 chromosomes; it is less, than at some rats (92), but it is more, than at a kangaroo (16).

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6. In 2003 scientists finished interpretation of human genome. They revealed about 25 000 genes and established the sequence of 3 billion couples of nitrogenous bases.

13. Greenhouse effect on Venus does her by the hot planet - lead can melt there.

The encyclopedia "How to Explain to the Child Science" is useful also to adults who want to help children with study, but forgot partially the program, and to school students. With this reference book you refresh the knowledge and will understand how it is better to explain to the child biology, chemistry and physics. And now - the entertaining facts from the book.

19. The polar lights represent an example of the fourth aggregate state of substance - plasma. Plasma is a mix of the loaded atoms and subatomic particles. The polar lights arise because of plasma of the Sun which interacts with magnetic field of Earth.

16. The person weighing 40 kg on the surface of the Sun would press as if weighed more than a ton - of course if it was possible to stand on the surface of the Sun.

14. About 252 million years ago there was a Great Perm extinction which destroyed 90% of all types on Earth.

4. For human life heart makes about 3 billion blows.

12. Kenguryata are born all in a month of pre-natal development. Having been born, they make a dangerous trip from the patrimonial channel to mother's bag, clinging to her wool. Length of a little body of the newborn a kengurenka is only 2 cm, and weight - less than 1 g

20. For millions of years during the movement of earth's plates continents gradually were removed from each other. If to connect their edges, then they will develop as parts of a puzzle.

11. People are the only living beings inhabiting all six continents of the planet (they constantly live in Antarctica since 1956).

2. Total length of vessels of our blood system is about 96 600 km - it is twice more than equator length.

8. The mycelium of a honey agaric dark in the reserve Malur in the State of Oregon occupies the space of 9 It is the biggest live organism on Earth.

7. The biggest flower - at the raffleziya growing in Southeast Asia. Its diameter - 1 m, and smells it of rotten meat.

3. Even water can do harm: its surplus in a human body is fraught with hypostasis of a brain and death.

10. Record number of the children who were born at one mother - 69. This woman lived in Russia in the 18th century.

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