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Published: 17.7.2018
with how to become the farmer from scratch in Russia: what with to begin

Meat of a duck differs in excellent tastes therefore such products are in great demand among domestic consumers. If you decided to be engaged in cultivation of ducks, agree about supply of fresh meat with owners of cafe or restaurants and deliver. Over time you will have regular customers who will buy products wholesale parties.

Experts consider that cultivation of geese is a waste-free production as it is possible to sell not only meat of this bird and also egg, down, feathers and fat. Besides, from a goose liver prepare known and all a favourite delicacy of foie gras. To receive a fat tasty liver, the bird needs to be fed on special technology. Even the beginner as geese do not demand special leaving can start such business and have excellent immunity. It is a great option for those who are interested how to become the successful farmer from scratch, without having any experience in this sphere.

Own farm is considered family business, but it does not mean that the businessman who is engaged in such business should not pay taxes. Therefore after registration procedure it is necessary to be registered in the tax inspection at the place of residence.


Pig-breeding in our country develops very slowly. To small businessmen it is unprofitable to be engaged in cultivation of pigs as such business does not differ in high profitability. Recently the state began to pay special attention to development of pig-breeding and to allocate financial aid to businessmen who chose for themselves such activity. Therefore if you solved, I want to become a farmer, then this business should be begun with receiving the state subsidy for the organization of a pig-breeding farm.

The land plot under a farm should be chosen depending on its location. It is desirable that your economy was located near the large cities in which it is possible to market finished goods. Besides, pay special attention to roads. They have to pass directly near a farm that you without problems could transport goods to customers. One more important condition - the environmentally friendly area. It is especially relevant for farmers who are going to be engaged in cultivation of cattle.

This bird is not afraid of cold weather and rains, she will perfectly acclimatize and is quite unpretentious to conditions of keeping. Experts consider that cultivation and keeping of peacocks as business is very profitable business which profitability reaches 50%.

Now you know how to become the farmer in Russia. This rather difficult, but, at the same time very profitable activity. The person who is interested from what to start farmer business from scratch has to realize that to achieve success it is necessary to work much. If you seriously treat the business, it will prosper and bring decent income.

In rural areas cultivation of bull-calves as business can be organized literally from scratch. The most important advantage of this activity are small financial investments. But, to receive positive result, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and forces as these animals demand regular leaving. Such business pays off approximately for 2 years. Finished goods it is possible to market wholesale in supermarkets, restaurants or in the market.

Let's understand how to begin the farmer to begin with what the activity and how it is correct to distribute financial flows? The priority which faces each beginning businessman is the choice of the area of work. In this case a lot of things depend on confidence in the forces and also on personal preferences.

It should be noted that cultivation of horses as business is rather complex and labor-consuming business which will demand from you great efforts and large financial investments. If you are not afraid of difficulties and are sure of the forces, safely get to work. Profitability of this business exceeds 300% therefore through certain time you will get excellent profit. As this activity is connected with high risks and differs in a long payback period, generally wealthy people or enthusiasts who have necessary knowledge are engaged in such business and have wide experience in this sphere.

Practically each woman dreams to buy a mink coat. Fur of these fur small animals costs much therefore cultivation of minks is considered very profitable business. To achieve success in this business before getting to work, it is necessary to count carefully all expenses and future profit.

If strictly to observe technology, cultivation of vegetable marrows in the open ground, also as well as cultivation of pumpkin, it is possible to turn into rather profitable perspective business. In spite of the fact that these cultures do not demand special leaving, they need regular watering. Besides, it is necessary to choose correctly the site under crops and to buy qualitative seeds. Finished goods it is possible to market on distribution "center"s, the vegetable markets and canneries.

According to experts, cultivation of cows as business is highly profitable and rather perspective activity. Besides such business will not demand heavy capital investments. It is fine option for the beginning businessmen who are interested how to become the farmer when not enough money. Cultivation of cows on meat makes for less profit, than dairy cattle breeding, at the same time both activities will not demand from the owner of the enterprise of any supernatural expenses. Initial investments pay off for 1,5-2 then it is possible to be engaged in expansion of a farm to increase the level of its profitability.

In the period of a molt from one bird it is possible to sell feathers for 40-80 dollars. Abroad such products are even more expensive. For example, in France one white male a year makes for the manufacturer profit about 150 euros. Quite good profit can be got also from sale of this bird. Peacocks about pleasure owners of country mansions which want to decorate the garden with exotic birds buy. One adult individual costs about 3 thousand dollars. Cultivation of peacocks is the easiest way how to become the successful farmer for a short time.

Beginners often are interested that it is necessary to become the farmer. First of all is own earth. If you rent the land plot, upon termination of the term of its contract can just take away and your business will collapse. Therefore it is desirable to buy the land in property or to rent for long term.

To increase profit, it is possible to be engaged in cultivation of paprika and eggplants in the greenhouse. Thanks to it you will be able to receive an early harvest and to sell it at high price.

Farming is considered very risky type of business as adverse weather conditions, death of animals as a result of diseases or the fires, can lead the businessman to utter ruin. But recently the state began to assist farmers therefore they can get support in a difficult situation and restore the economy. To understand how to become the successful farmer from scratch, it is necessary to read as much as possible thematic literature and to attend various seminars devoted to development of agriculture.

The whole skin of a mink costs about 2 thousand rubles. A live small animal it is possible to buy for 700-800 rubles. If to take away all expenses, in a year the farmer can earn 1-1,5 million rubles from cultivation of minks. All monetary investments pay off in 1,5-2. The most important is the correct care of animals, otherwise they will die also the enterprise to be ruined.

Meat therefore many beginning farmers are engaged in cultivation and keeping of rams in house conditions is considered one of the most valuable food. Fresh mutton is bought by restaurants, cafe, shops and individuals. To get good profit, it is necessary to hold herd from 500 heads. On the organization of such farm 2-3 million rubles are required. In 2-3 years all expenses will pay off, and the enterprise will come to high net income.

If you were interested in cultivation of a melon as business before being engaged in such business, carefully study technology. Besides, it is necessary to choose a grade correctly. To sow the land plot, of 100 sq.m, 200-300 g of seeds which cost about 800 rubles are required. It is necessary to add 500-700 more rubles on acquisition of the tool for weeding to these expenses, fertilizers and watering. If to realize all harvest at wholesale prices, it is possible to gain income of 20-40 thousand rubles from 100 sq.m.

The beginning farmers can organize business on cultivation of a remontantny wild strawberry. During an active season from one bush it is possible to collect up to 2 kg of berries. They are packaged in plastic cups on 200 g, turned in food polyethylene wrap and sold at 10 rubles. Respectively, profit from one bush of 100 rubles. On 1 sq.m about 60 bushes of a remontantny wild strawberry are located, these are 6 thousand rubles of income. To earn 100 thousand rubles, it is enough to set a personal plot of 15-16 sq.m. How to become the farmer from scratch in Russia

Cultivation of eggplants and paprika

Before being engaged in cultivation of eggplants and paprika, carefully everything needs to be counted to consider all expenses and to prevent possible risks. As such products it is impossible to store a long time, it is desirable to find reliable sales markets in advance.

If you are interested how to become the farmer from scratch video on the specialized websites on the Internet will help to deal with this question.

We will consider in more detail several the most popular and profitable activities:

Land grounds usually distribute local governments. It is much simpler to locals to receive the site for farm, than the visitor. But you should not despair. If you resolved, I want to become a farmer, the state welcomes such desire and meets requirements of the beginning businessmen. You anyway receive the earth for opening of such business, but for this purpose it is necessary to visit any instance and to spend a lot of time.

As well as any other direction of business activity, agricultural business has the shortcomings and advantages. Therefore before becoming the farmer in Russia, it is necessary to get acquainted in more detail with each of them and to draw certain conclusions.

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