Call to purity, or mysteries of velvet handles, secrets

Published: 19.7.2018
call to purity, or mysteries of velvet handles

On products from latex seams do not happen. This advantage is used during the work with dangerous substances and in chemical industry. The model with seams would serve as entrance gate for aggressive substances, and skin would be in a condition of continuous threat to be injured.

It is possible to specify ways of storage of gloves by phones of the enterprises which are engaged in production of these products from different materials, (812) 324-22-27, for example. Reliable latex in use, behaves whimsically at storage. Sure protection and velvet handles!

Natural latex is extracted from juice of the Brazilian tree of a hevea. The natural component of gloves is covered with synthetic latex to eliminate the probability of emergence of allergic reactions. Product service life directly depends on thickness. The thinnest & #8212; disposable latex gloves for medical manipulations. For housework choose strong models.

Dusting of products for medical institutions is carried out by the modified starch which has hypoallergenic properties. The main advantage of models with powder & #8212; it is resistance to punctures. Neopowdered products apply to work with medical liquids and mucous. Stomatologists and laboratory assistants work in gloves with a glossy surface.

Fitting of a glove is not enough for exact medical manipulations. For microsurgeries release products of an anatomic form with the increased tactile sensitivity. One more feature of medical gloves for exact manipulations is the ability of latex to absorb skin sweat. It is known that at the responsible moment, hands sweat even at the professional.

The large companies, UniLine, for example, advise on the range of gloves and ways of their use. Latex models can seem too smooth and slippery. To avoid falling of working tools, models are given corrugated structure which helps to hold objects in hands.

Hands - the business card of the woman. Housework demands special care behind hands. Household chemicals are ruthless to skin. In the world where purity became a cult, gloves from latex help to keep health to a skin on hands. Professions for which gloves are obligatory, knit not only with medicine. The food industry, hairdressers, cleaning services use products which perform function of a second skin.


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