of Fritter with chicken and bacon, updating

Published: 21.7.2018
of fritter with chicken and bacon

In the recipe of fritters we did not use some egg - especially for those who suffer from intolerance of this product.

of loading... A way prigotovleniyakrupno cut bacon strip, cut chicken breasts in small cubes. For sauce warm the average sizes a pan on average and strong fire, fry bacon within 3-5 minutes till golden color. Stirring slowly, add chicken meat and fry within 5 minutes to a podrumyanivaniye. Part cornmeal with a small amount of milk, mix before disappearance of lumps. Pour in a pan with chicken meat, having added the remained milk and mustard. Bring to boiling, stirring slowly until sauce thickens, and take several minutes on weak boiling to readiness of chicken. Add a sage, check for salt and pepper. Make dough for fritters. Sift flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt in a big bowl. In separate capacity mix milk, vegetable oil and the kindled creamy. Dissolve with the received mix dry ingredients and mix a nimbus in quite dense dough. Heat a big frying pan with non-stick coating, grease with a small amount of vegetable oil. A spoon spread dough on a frying pan that fritters with a diameter about 9 cm turned out. Bake on small fire within 3-5 minutes, then turn and bake 2 more minutes on the other hand. Shift fritters to a plate, cover with a foil that did not cool down. Bake 12 pieces. Warm up sauce. Lay out fritters the hill on portion plates, alternating layers of sauce and arugula. Pinterest Schoolmates of Facebook of Twitter of Google + VKontakte

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