Updating: the relations of spouses in marriage

Published: 13.10.2018
the relations of spouses in marriage

Most of women since the earliest years dream to marry the reliable man and to be engaged in the family. But as a result family life reminds test, than the fairy tale more. Interesting observation of sociologists and psychologists: women in marriage have a bigger stress, than lonely. They suffer from headaches, a depression and bad mood more. It turned out that husbands, but not care of children - the main reason for similar problems.


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Nearly 50% of the interviewed women say that husbands bring upon them more trouble and nerves, than small children. And it is not unfaithfulness or manhandling at all. All problems are connected only with psychological climate in family. The editorial office "So Simply!" will tell why husbands promote violation of internal harmony of the woman and as to avoid it.

Thanks for useful recommendations)) I too still to a sovesm was nervous on trifles recently. Constantly alarm, стрессы… .priyatny it is not enough, of course. But now. thank God, everything returned to normal)) thanks to a course of massages, to a holiday, walks and teanin evalarovsky. If not these means - probably would descend from mind from those awful states.

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& #169; Depositphotospostoyannoye sense of guilt at a zhenyposkolka the most part of responsibility for family and the house lies on the woman, she feels guilty if something goes not so. The fault, in turn, causes a stress and prevents to cope with daily affairs.

The relations of spouses in marriage

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Besides, there is a category of men who point to all defects on the house and blame wives for bad behavior of children. Some men do not even know how the school or a garden where their children go looks.

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Mothers generally are engaged in also daily cares of the child and his strict education, and fathers play more. It often leads to the conflicts between spouses that has again negative effect on the woman. The husband and the wife have to be at one level as for each other, and in the opinion of children. The man has to feel firmly responsibility for the acts and family, if he made up the mind to such step.

Equal distribution of obligations for the house - one of the main factors of successful marriage. It is necessary to respect work and each other time. Besides, rational distribution of obligations for the house will allow to cope with everything quicker and leaves more time for communication with each other.

Also we told about mistakes of women in the relations.

Therefore it is necessary not only to distribute obligations for the house, but also responsibility for family in general. It is heavy to one person to cope with all affairs most. It is important to feel support and understanding.

Both spouses should remember that the chronic stress in family quite often leads to a divorce and damages health. Therefore it is necessary to care about each other and to take care also the spouse of negative emotions. And it is important to women to remember that the husband cannot guess everything, and sometimes the help needs just to ask or to talk about sore. Perhaps, it not it such bad, but you it imagined it.

& #169; Depositphotosbolshaya a part of homework on zhenshchinemnogy women complain of lack of the help in household chores from the husband. If earlier the man was engaged in keeping of family, and the woman created a cosiness, then now she both works, and removes, and prepares, and carries children on sections. Wives spend more time for providing domestic needs of family, and husbands have more time for rest.

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