Recipes of preparation and nuances of creation of ideal taste, the most interesting

Published: 11.10.2018
sharp wings: recipes of preparation and nuances of creation of ideal taste

Appetizing and sharp, they became really cult dish in America long ago. In our country gourmets got acquainted with them relatively recently, however managed to estimate all their advantages quickly. Of course, it is about spicy chicken wings. It is possible to cook them in hot fan, in an oven and on a brazier, they are tasty also in itself, and as beer snack, and in combination with a garnish or some salad turn into a nutritious lunch or a dinner.

After washing before preparing in an oven or in a different way, each wing it is necessary to dry by means of a paper towel - so it becomes impregnated with spices and marinade better. Before placing in spicy marinade for wings, they need to be pierced a toothpick at an acute angle in several places & #8212; so they will become impregnated more evenly.

The following ingredients will be required:

That to prepare it, will be necessary:

Regardless of whether you will prepare sharp wings in an oven according to the recipe offered by us on a brazier or in a different way, the main thing - is correct to choose this product. Wings should not be too large. It is possible to stretch wings on a palm - its ideal length approximately coincides with distance between a brush and the bases of fingers. On wings there should not be neither spots, nor bruises, light pink color, a sticky surface and an unpleasant smell - also demonstrate poor quality of a product.

As snack for frothy beverage the sharp wings prepared according to the classical recipe under the name "Buffalo" will be ideal.

If desired, any hostess will be able to prepare chicken wings on the offered recipes. Prepared in an oven or on a brazier, they will become an ideal dish for dinner, for a picnic or a party. Perfectly sharp wings will approach beer or more hard liquors.

For the Buffalo sauce:

A great way to prepare chicken wings in any way, including in an oven, - to use marinade. The taste of a ready dish in many respects depends on it. There are many recipes based on use of different components, however by the most popular (besides at preparation) spicy marinade for chicken wings is considered simple.

In tips of wings there is no meat, and during cooking they just burn down therefore they need to be deleted before preparation or to buy at once cut off.

For wings and marinade:

It is simple to prepare this dish:

To achieve ideal taste, appetizing color and seductive aroma of spicy chicken wings, it is necessary to consider some subtleties of their preparation.

To prepare sharp wings in an oven for four portions, the following list of ingredients will be required:

Any dish prepared in the open air gains incomparable aroma and unique taste which not to achieve in an oven. Sharp wings on a brazier are not an exception. This dish is just ideal for friendly picnics and a country sit-round gathering.

By the way if such wings are prepared since evening, and the picnic was cancelled, they can be prepared in an oven. The taste will not be worse at all.

Preparation order:

How to make spicy chicken wings? There is a set of recipes of this dish. They can be used as in a classical look, and to introduce own amendments to receive ideal result.

The following products will be necessary:

Such option of a dish can become ideal hot, it is rather simple to add it with a favourite garnish.

All ingredients need to be mixed and placed carefully in this marinade sharp wings, the recipe recommends to wait before preparation of 60 minutes. During pickling wings need to be mixed periodically. It is possible to prepare such wings in an oven. But if they are required for a trip to a picnic, it is possible to put them in a package together with marinade. On the road such wings periodically stir up.

Way of preparation:


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