at the request of chitaty: as the wife of the Hollywood actor after the divorce became bomzhy

Published: 15.10.2018
as the wife of the Hollywood actor after the divorce became bomzhy

Ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson, star of a popular TV series & #171; Beach патруль» (Baywatch) obviously has not the best times. The woman was photographed in Los Angeles when she dug in trash cans, packing others worn things in the cart from supermarket.

Jackson sent to

A day before attack Uillison the frightening rap song in which there were words: "I want to kill you".

Lani Uillison which was married to Jackson two years, apparently, became homeless, The Daily Mail writes. That blond fitness model which it was in 2014 is not guessed in today's emaciated and dried woman with a short hairstyle and obvious traces of dirt on a body at all.

In April of last year Jackson stayed in prison for that incident of 2015. He signed the agreement of parties to the case, but the court sentenced him to 270 days in prison of the district Los Angeles and to a five-year trial period.

Here she rummaged in the basket, pulled out a long yellow necklace from beads and wrapped up around a neck. Uillison stopped near blue garbage containers to rummage in garbage. She took several objects and added them to the cart.

Now Jackson works as the personal trainer in South California.

In the audio recording received by MailOnline in 2015 it is heard as Uillison in horror shouts after Jackson tried to strangle and beat her, having broken two ribs, having injured a neck and having scratched a body and a face. Police officers of Los Angeles arrived on a call, accused a star of attempted murder later, but decided not to insist Lonnie on charges.

The fitness model married a series star in December, 2012 at a private ceremony in the resort in Laguna-Bich, the State of California. Uillison opposed the ex-husband in 2015 after Jackson was expelled from Celebrity Big Brother in Great Britain because of harassments to the colleague from the shooting stage Chloй Gudman. Uillison urged Chloй to bring charges against Jackson.

37-year-old Jackson and 35-year-old Uillison broke off the rough relations in 2014. Allegedly, the actor and the former alcoholic Jackson tried to strangle Uillison in a bed after the drunk fight. Uillison was noticed pushing the big cart with clothes, blankets, bags and others objects unknown by sight, in different places of the city. On the woman there were glasses, a baseball cap a peak back, open sandals and a dirty long skirt with the undershirts which are wrapped up around a waist and a scarf.


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