From our users: when to listen to audiobooks of 10 cases which are convenient for combining

Published: 17.10.2018
when to listen to audiobooks of 10 cases which are convenient for combining is convenient to combine

What to listen:

Flexible consciousness


If you knit, draw, study origami or cut the fret saw, listen to books during the creative occupations. Try to listen to something especially inspiring - it will help to see new sides of your hobby and will inject a new life into creativity.

Chinese research

Mood elevator

Many people manage to combine useful with useful: to listen to books at work. Designers, content managers, drivers and even accountants act this way (we do not know how they manage it). If in your work there are a lot of routine operations during which the brain misses, try too.


To look at screens of gadgets before going to bed it is harmful - bright light forces down circadian rhythms. The paper book not always near at hand, besides, for its reading it is necessary to turn on the light, and it is inconvenient if nearby someone from relatives already snuffles. Audiobooks in such situation become the remarkable decision: they both calm, and give rest to eyes, and fill us with new information.

Jedi technicians

What to listen:


What to listen:

Audiobooks - a lifesaver for those who catastrophically lack couple of leisure hours for reading. During the day we do many things during which ears (and a brain) are free. If to add a player and earphones to such affairs, in a week it is possible to master several useful books easily. Here ours TOP-10 occupations which are well combined with hearing of audiobooks.

What to listen:

Do you like to stick in a computer game and you abuse yourself for it? Try to combine games with listening of books. At many it successfully turns out. And already nobody (including you) will be able to accuse you of waste of time.

Long ago it is time!

The cover of a post is

Emotional intelligence

To run, float, twist pedals under the audiobook - the loveliest business. It is interesting that thus it is possible to fall in love with that occupation to which you cannot be risen in any way. If you love books and you cannot begin to run in the mornings, try to entice yourself the audioversion in a good postscoring. If with pleasure you play sports, and you read a little, just put a player in a pocket of sports pants.

Be the best version of

Philosophy of good life

On a limit

Save a cat

It will be made

What to listen:

You go driving, on public transport or the bicycle or maybe you go on foot - almost always this time can be used to listen to books. Many admit that after entered such practice, they ceased to worry concerning traffic jams - the longer stand, the learn more. And in the subway it is convenient to listen to books - curious will not look through a shoulder 

On travel we spend on the way much time, and still it is convenient to listen to audiobooks on the beach where the bright sun prevents to perceive the printing text. Besides, if you got used to read, and on a holiday switch to listening, it can make to add new impressions. Pick up the book which will coincide with the place of a holiday on spirit.

Magic of morning

Maximum energy

On cases on economy a lot of time leaves. Hands are occupied at this time, and the head is free. The ideal moment that to listen to something.

The myth about motivation

Moment force

What to listen:


What to listen:

Manicure, a pedicure, care of hair and a face - quite long procedures during which our brain, as a rule, is occupied with nothing. While the master conjures with your body, you can enrich soul.

What to listen:

Happiness hormones

We spend about 3 hours a day for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Together with food also useful information is not bad acquired. You represent how many it is possible to listen during this time!

Habits for the rest of life

What to listen:

What to listen:

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