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Published: 19.10.2018
to what the increased perspiration of feet testifies

Sweating is natural process in an organism of each person. But it should be taken into account specific features of each of us. For example, at some armpits, at others - a neck sweat, and at the third - a breast, etc.

Should noting

that the increased perspiration can be a separate disease or a symptom of other pathology. For this reason it is very important in the course of diagnostics not only to tell the doctor about the disturbing symptoms, but also to take the direction on analyses.

Cream from a train, a sage and a camomile. Plants take in proportions 1:1:2 and add a little any hand cream or animal fat. Do broth which is infused within an hour of herbs.

In more difficult cases when completely it is impossible to cure the disease basic, use supportive applications (trays, antiperspirants and so forth).

When hands and legs sweat, the doctor can recommend several methods to get rid of this problem. For example, by means of Botox.

Some people strongly sweat because of synthetic clothes, socks, kapron tights. In this case it is necessary to replace synthetic things with made of natural materials.

Botox blocks the cages participating in work of sweat glands, but at the same time neither nerves, nor glands are affected in any way. However this means has a set of contraindications therefore it is impossible to call its use safe for 100%.

Liquid ammonia. It is necessary to part 1 tablespoon of means in warm water and to lower there hands or legs for 20 minutes. Such procedure is performed twice a day for a week.

Also resort to pricks of toxins of botulism, liposuction and operable intervention.

This list includes several main reasons which meet in most cases. However it is much more of them and some of them can be rather serious.

Easy degree of primary gipergidroz effectively is eliminated by means of special pastes, ointments, trays with broths of medicative herbs. At moderate severity begin to use antiperspirants.

This way will begin to work in several days (4-5), but it will cease to perform the functions in several months, at most - in a year. Usage time of Botox depends only on specific features of an organism.

In certain cases apply antiseptics of local action, however they can be used only after the recommendation of the doctor.

For fight against excessive sweating use as traditional methods (injections, radiation, tablets), and nonconventional (broths of curative herbs, compresses, masks).

Such phenomenon as perspiration of feet and palms is very often observed. Generally in such situation make the diagnosis gipergidroz, however there are some more reasons why extremities - hands and legs sweat.

However precisely to tell why legs sweat and hands only the doctor after carrying out survey and obtaining results of analyses will be able. Respectively, the course of treatment depends on a cause of illness and severity.

The modern cosmetology offers various antiperspirants and deodorants which can stop gipergidroz. However if to apply such means, for example, on palms, then they will become dry, but other part of a body will begin to sweat. The deodorant will never stop the increased perspiration, but will be able to destroy not a really pleasant smell if that is available.

Oak bark. Raw materials need to be crushed, filled in with water and to bring to boiling (3 tablespoons on 1 l of liquid). This means especially well helps those at whom the excessive perspiration is observed while the person begins to be nervous.

This procedure does not demand the general anesthesia. If at the patient the hypersensibility is observed, then can apply a local anesthesia to him (usually it is cream or gel).

Then 2 tablespoons of broth mix with cream, add several drops of oil (castor, cosmetic, olive or other), well mix and apply to skin. Not less than 20 minutes are desirable to hold mix. It is necessary to store such means in glass capacity.

Because of constantly sweating palms and a foot of people feels the mass of discomfort, for example, at usual handshake. Gipergidroz causes a set of undesirable problems, unlike palms, sweat on stupnyakh has also an unpleasant smell.

The turned-out cream is smeared on problem places and held about 20 minutes. During this time integuments are saturated with useful minerals and vitamins. Then such peculiar mask is accurately washed away and allow skin to dry up and breathe well. It is desirable during application of such means not to use deodorants and antiperspirants.

For example if cold legs and besides sweat, then the diagnosis, most likely, vegeto-vascular dystonia. In that case appoint various medical medicines, apply the all-strengthening methods. Then the perspiration will recede by itself.

However they cannot be applied during a strong heat and at considerable physical activities because they narrow gleams of stalemate channels and sweat, without coming to light, will accumulate in a body that is fraught with appearance of hypostases. Antiperspirants apply for the night 1-2 times a week to dry clean skin.

Degree of a gipergidroz is defined by test of the Minor: apply iodine to skin, and over it starch. At release of sweat solution is painted. Determine a disease form by the size of the turned-out spot: up to 10 cm - weak, to 20 - moderate, over 20 - strong.

You can get rid of the increased perspiration of legs by means of the following actions:

The shaken-up egg. Egg white and yolk is divided at first, shaken up, and then accurately connected. The received foam mix is applied on palms or feet, allow to dry and be absorbed then wash away. The procedure is recommended to be performed once a day in the morning.

However if gipergidroz it is caused by any disease, that is is its symptom, then it is necessary to treat first of all primary pathology, then the perspiration will pass independently gradually.

It is possible to soar legs in broth of a nettle and a calendula. Herbs take in equal quantities and fill in with water (1 tablespoon of raw materials on 1 l of water). It is an optimal variant if at the child legs sweat.

The increased sweating in medicine is called the term gipergidroz. This disease is not among potentially dangerous, however in everyday life it causes inconveniences and causes discomfort.

The excessive perspiration of extremities can be caused by several reasons:

Blue clay. It can be got in drugstore in the form of powder. It approaches not only at perspiration of extremities, but also armpits. 1 tablespoons of means part with warm water to a condition of gruel.


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