Updating: anna hilkevich got into an unpleasant situation with bank

Published: 7.12.2018
anna hilkevich got into an unpleasant situation with bank

The bad story happened to the famous Russian actress Anna Hilkevich at the end of December. At it the purse in which there were documents, the rights and credit cards was gone. Having addressed to bank, cards managed to be restored, but the thief already managed to use them and even took the credit addressed to a star & #8220; University. Nova общаги”.


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Now the actress will be forced to have legal proceedings with bank and to deal personally with collectors which already began to press her. Or perhaps together with the husband, they will be able to find also other way out of current situation.

Anna Hilkevich is indignant of work of banks. The actress is perplexed how it was possible to issue the credit for her name if she was not present at that moment at banking institution. After loss of a purse the girl together with family departed on rest to Abu Dhabi. So far Anna Hilkevich had a good time, her credit debt strongly of a vorosl and passed a framework of legal.

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