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Published: 5.6.2019
trading, cryptocurrencies and futures

When (or at his close) something very strongly hurts the person, he is ready to give the last (even to borrow money) and to buy the most expensive medicine.

6) Info-DVD (as well as many other publishing houses) releases training courses and books on trading because this direction is in large quantities demanded.

On the aspiration to quickly earn money the whole fortunes are made (but not those who want to earn quickly, and those who give them for this purpose opportunities).

But who hears their cautions?



Thus, the ability to earn is skill vital, but obviously insufficient for full-fledged life.

A name (obligatory)

Greed of people leads that they begin to risk excessively, and therefore sooner or later lose the money.4) whether It is possible to learn to trade at the exchange (currency, actions, goods, etc.) with minimal risks - and thus steadily to gain income?

1) Demand gives rise to the offer. It is the law of market economy which works always and everywhere:

Hello, Alexander Nikolaevich!!!! Info DVDs actively advance the courses on trading (Forex), binary options, cryptocurrencies, trading with actions, fyuyuchersa and td. If not you and your portal "Alphabet of Money", then I to 90 these % would be engaged. And where there would be my money One man's guess is as good as another's.

5) And here we come to a conclusion that it is necessary to be able not earn, but also competently to dispose of the personal finance:

To register and receive my personal express consultation on personal finance and investments you can ZDES

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By way of illustration it I will provide the letter from the client:

7) Investment companies and banks suggest everyone to earn from trading necessary infrastructure for transactions at the exchange (including and training in trade process).

I am grateful to INFO-DVD publishing house for many years of our cooperation. It published my 5 training courses (on personal finance, writing of books, a netvorking, etc.).

My recommendation - make the weighed decisions.

Long ago wanted to ask you your opinion, it is very interesting that you think of that why info DVD advances such courses where it is possible to be left without all the money? As you spoke in trading "from 100 parachutists 99 break". Why do they do it? It is not important what to sell? It is business no more, and nothing personal. Thanks. Alexey.

3) Trading, cryptocurrencies and futures (etc. the operations which are potentially yielding high revenues) attract people with a promise of profit.

Such questions. They create these courses for increase in the cash flow that they bought more? Info DVD advances them that to sell something? That these courses will make for profit, nobody will give guarantees. My friend on Forex kitchens lost $10000. And if not I was not your subscriber and the client of "The alphabet of money", then and I would be waited by the same.

My answer with short analysis of the situation described in the letter:

Trading - all this vysokoriskovano as you always speak. They have 90% of courses for this subject. As you spoke to authors of these courses it would be simpler will agree with 2-3 dollar millionaires and "to cut bucks" to itself and them)))). But they create these courses, I so understood, for ordinary people.

2) All people want to make good money therefore they look for options of how they can raise the income.

On human pains, needs and emotions huge money is earned (people are ready to pay)!


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