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Published: 3.6.2019
the correct approach to work: how to achieve amazing results and not to fuse

Practice! During the day alternate cycles of loading and rest. Every 50-90 minutes hard work take a break 7-20 minutes. At this time it is possible to take a walk in the fresh air, to listen to music, to meditate, take a shower or to communicate to friends. Than you were engaged, weekly take at least one day off. Appoint compensatory leaves, week-end or holidays so that they followed the periods of strong tension at once.

Practice! Look for ways to lighten themselves the mood before get to work, and try to avoid people, places and things which can spoil it. That as well as with whom you spend time especially before important issues, really matters.

Put to yourself difficult, but feasible tasks. Source

Those whose productivity is high, devote themselves to business for hundred percent. Working on something, they completely plunge at the moment, are focused on one specific objective and e-mail or reflections about other important project are not distracted by anything foreign, whether it be.

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Practice! Surround yourself with objects which call you for desirable actions and help to concentrate. Regularly work in the same conditions. When in a brain strong communications, a habitual situation are created in itself will begin to adjust you on productive work.

It is known that regime of the famous artists, writers, musicians and thinkers significantly differed. Some, for example Mozart, best of all worked late at night. At others, including Beethoven, the peak of productivity fell on early morning.

The high aim improves productivity and in less heroic, daily work. It can find confirmation in a set of researches. For example, one of them showed that cleaners in hospitals cope with duties better and speak about higher level of satisfaction if regularly remind them that their activity is significantly necessary for the help to patients.

Practice! Distribute work according to the hronotip. Protect the moments of cheerfulness and use them for the most important issues demanding the high level of concentration. Plan minor tasks for the periods when you are less attentive.

You come to work in good mood. Source

The matter is that our opportunities it is much more, than it seems to us. Usually people give up long before reach the limit. But when we deeply concentrate on the great purpose surpassing ours "I", we are capable to overcome fear, alarm and physiological protective mechanisms which so often keep us from great fulfillments.

Practice! Actively look for tasks which slightly exceed your abilities. When you feel that completely seized a situation, continue to move gradually towards complication.

It belongs not only to sport. In any creative or intellectual field of activity we need moderately difficult tasks to develop. When work comes too easily, no growth happens. Moreover, we begin to feel boredom and dissatisfaction with life. And absolutely excessive purposes can cause panic which will not allow to concentrate. Therefore it is necessary to observe balance.

Scientists found out that the ability to activate the sites of a brain connected with the solution of difficult tasks and self-checking depends on our mood. So you can improve productivity, having just loaded before important work as positive emotions.

Overfatigue negatively affects also your health, and quality of work. Source

The situation matters. Source

Means, it is necessary to find the ideal solution - the weight which by the end of a training will bring you to extreme fatigue, but not to a trauma.

Concentration - a key to efficiency. Source

In the memoirs King explains it with simple words: "To most of us it is best of all worked in own corner".

Practice! Connect the activity with more high aim. If you face an insuperable call and the reason will tell you to stop, wonder why you do it. And if your answer: "I do it for the sake of someone or something that it is more important, than I", most likely, you will be able to move ahead.

Each of great masters understood when he is the more vigorous and most attentive, and optimized own life according to the hronotip - so scientists speak about individual inflows and otliva of energy which we experience within a day.

The inner voice whispering "Seems, at me it will not turn out" - the sign of the fact that you on the right track. It is a little doubts and diffidence are useful if they do not force you to be nervous to such an extent that you cannot concentrate on work. This concept is applicable practically to everything, whether it be a training, execution of the musical play or preparation of office project.

History seems fantastic, but nevertheless similar sometimes happens. Scientists call this phenomenon "hysterical" force. Superabilities are almost always shown in extreme situations when the question of human life is at stake.

A case with Erkhardty extreme. Situations when huge working load and constant tension result in uneasiness, a depression, insomnia, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and some other consequences, life-endangering are much more widespread.

Present that you need to pump up bicepses. If you try to lift very big weight at once, then risk to put yourself a trauma. But too easy loading will not bring benefit too: it has to be difficult for you, otherwise muscles just will not begin to grow.

Uncountable researches confirm that division into owls and larks is quite real. It is not important whether there is a speech about physical or intellectual tasks, most of people best of all work or at the beginning of day, or later, in the evening.

The most productive people carefully plan the day, get rid of the distracting factors and do only one thing for time. In their schedule each interval of time has a specific goal: to write 500 words for article; to study data; to have a talk with the interesting person; to enjoy a family dinner and so on.

Practice! Every morning make the accurate plan for the future day and try not to deviate from the schedule. Be not sprayed on several cases at once, be focused only on with what are busy at the moment. Find out what interferes with your deep concentration (text messages, social networks, television, a talk with colleagues), and whenever possible exclude these hindrances.

Once American Tom Boyle beat a world record on stanovy draft three times: the man lifted the Chevrolet Camaro car which weighs more than one and a half tons. Do you think, this is the great athlete? No, the most ordinary person. The head of department in shop of paints.

Remember once and for all: rest is not less important, than loading. Present, for example, that you swing bicepses every day all day long, almost without taking a break between trainings. Your organism will have no time to be restored, and you just burn out, but will not become stronger.

Infinite, feverish work leads to emotional devastation and damages health. Moritz Erchardt, the trainee of the branch of the bank of Merrill Lynch became a striking example of it. He worked 72 hours in a row and was found dead in shower. The guy was 21 years old. Physicians came to conclusion that he died of an epileptic seizure which could be caused by overfatigue.

Boyle only once in life turned into Improbable Hulk. Not for the sake of glory or money. He just saved the cyclist who was hit by the car.

To work to the limit, to be the most productive and not to feel by the end of day like a dish-towel. To derive pleasure from the work, to achieve improbable results and always to remain full of strength. Pipe dream? No, reality. You are convinced of it when you read our superuseful novelty "At peak". We publish several important councils from it.

The superhero disappears in each of us. Source

King's opinion is not unique. Almost increasing experts emphasize the importance of where they work. Whether it be favourite gym of the world-class athlete, studio of the glorified artist, a den where Stephen King disappears - the organization of a special workplace is very important.

Do not ignore biological rhythms of the body. Source

Stephen King thought over everything, as for his work, since the room where he writes, and finishing with the place where there is its table, things on it and music under which he prints (AC/DC, Metallica or Guns N’Roses).

About 40 percent of the creative ideas arise during respites so do not abuse yourself for inaction. When you are disconnected from work, your subconsciousness works and looks for non-standard decisions.

Researches show that sometimes, having even watched ridiculous videos with cats on YouTube, the person can increase the efficiency in the follow-up intellectual activity.

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