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Published: 29.4.2019
an agrestal dream dreams: to what the grass dreams

If you dream a fresh, juicy, green grass - it is mystical, and somewhat, a philosophical omen. Perhaps, you are surprised, but to avoid "a new rake", you should eat on a blade in day. Of course, it is for this purpose optional to mow a grass on a meadow, and it is enough to manage banal food greens.

the Grass dreamed - secret, and somewhat, the magic sign.

Ordinarier interpreters convince that this dream - a harbinger of all of the best: material prosperity, career "victories", tranquility and the world in family, a fruitful strip in a labor field.

If you the beginning actor, the poet or the artist - it promises you good reputation and wide popularity at all.

Whether it freshened also green, or dim and faded? High or low, how accurately cut lawn? Agrestal, or valuable, medicinal?

Count on the best, believe in yourself, and any bad omen will become only prevention for you. Let you dream only kind dreams filled with favorable values!

But this dream directly speaks to you: in the nearest future you will be forced to be engaged in correction of old fatal flaws, and at the same time risk to catch new.

Depending on its characteristics, you can learn for certain what changes will happen to you in the nearest future.

And if green flat landscapes in yours were "framed" with abrupt mountains, it promises you the approaching danger on the way to own wellbeing.

What you did with a grass when watched the dream?

Correctly to treat a dream, try to concentrate the attention on what the grass dreamed you.


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