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Published: 25.4.2019
natural hair conditioner: 5 best recipes

Natural hair conditioner will moisten your hair, will return them force, gloss and health, will make beautiful and soft, will facilitate combing. Replace artificial store hair preparations natural and you will notice a difference!

Mix 1 glass of yogurt, 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 egg yolk in small capacity. Well mix before formation of homogeneous mass then apply it on hair. Leave for several minutes and then wash away warm water.

In our article we will tell how to prepare 5 effective conditioners from natural ingredients in house conditions.

You remember also that all natural means demand by all means regular use, only in this case it is possible to achieve desirable effect.

Apply warm weight on hair and leave for 20 minutes. After that wash away warm water.

It is the conditioner on the basis of apple cider vinegar.

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Conditioner No. 2

This conditioner is manufactured on the basis of mint.

It is called the desintoxication period. At this time the increased fat content of hair and dandruff can be observed. However already soon the period of adaptation will pass, these unpleasant signs will disappear, and your hair will become strong and healthy.

Choice number one & #8212; it is natural hair conditioner on the basis of honey.

Natural hair conditioner on the basis of yogurt, honey and an egg yolk.

It is known that substances which contain in shampoos, conditioners, masks and hair-dyes get to an organism through head skin and can negatively affect health of an organism in the most unexpected way: to cause allergies of different degree or even to lead to a lethal outcome because of poisoning with poisonous components.

Council: the conditioner needs to be put on length of hair, avoiding hit on roots not to do harm to head skin.

Conditioner No. 1

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That to prepare it, it is necessary to mix a quarter of a glass of apple cider vinegar with 1 glass of water. Apply the turned-out mix on hair, and then wash away it warm water.

Apply mix on hair with quiet massage movements that it was properly absorbed. After that wash away warm water.

Do not forget to take allergic samples, beginning to use new means, especially if you dye hair for the first time or you pass to paint of new firm which contains other ingredients. Main thing & #8212; to be convinced that means will not render negative effect on your organism.

Shake up a yolk to a condition of foam, in parallel slowly adding children's oil. Then pour in water, without stopping shaking up mix a nimbus.

In our article we will tell you about 5 best natural conditioners which are easy to preparing in house conditions.

Conditioner & #8212; this means which is used after shampoo. It feeds, moistens hair, does them alive, soft and obedient and facilitates combing. The conditioner always has to be used in combination with shampoo.

Such natural hair conditioner will come to the rescue if your hair became fragile, dry and weakened. At the same time it is not recommended to owners of an oily hair.

Add 1 spoon of olive oil, 2 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of whey to small capacity. Put the turned-out mix in the microwave oven and warm within 30-60 seconds. To make the conditioner is more dense, add 1 spoon of natural flour to capacity.

Boil two glasses of water with addition of two tea bags of mint. Cool broth and apply on hair after shampoo use.

& #8230; that hair need some time to adapt to natural means. If first you notice some not most pleasant changes, be not frightened: it means that your hair yet not & #171; подстроились» under new components.

Result: such conditioner will clarify your hair and will recover them health and beauty!

Undoubtedly, you more than once heard that store shampoos and conditioners can both improve a condition of your hair, and to do them irreparable harm. We offer a healthy alternative to these means.


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