what the former prostitute received a royal award, popular for

Published: 23.4.2019
for what the former prostitute received a royal award

On Monday, June 4, the former prostitute Catherine Healy was recommended for the state decoration of New Zealand - the award "For Merits".

"I was discouraged by

and could not believe in it. Today we differently treat prostitution. I can sit at a table with police as equal, and to discuss how to secure sex workers and to help them with messages about sexual violence" - Healy shared.

The award for merits of New Zealand was founded in 1996 by the queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II for encouragement for special merits before the nation and progress in professional activity.

In the 1980th years Catherine was arrested by police during raid on brothels. Subsequently the woman and her colleagues on sex business fought against stigmatization of their work and for recognition of the rights. In 1986 Healy helped to found the organization of prostitutes of New Zealand (New Zealand Prostitutes Collective) which supports the rights of sex workers. Initially the organization was formed for prevention of spread of HIV among prostitutes.

In 2003 she took part in development of the law on prostitution decriminalization which was adopted in parliament by a margin of one vote. The law allowed to be engaged in prostitution voluntarily, at the same time coercion to sex work was forbidden. In work of prostitutes safety measures and medical care appeared.

Catherine Healy received an award for long-term fight against stigmatization of sex workers and for a contribution to promotion of the law on prostitution decriminalization. Also the woman supported granting the rights to the colleagues and change of the disrespectful attitude towards them, Lenta.ru writes.

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