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Published: 3.7.2018
top of 10 sights of Hanoi

First of all to the capital of Vietnam arrive that will go to Halong Bay. But is what to look also with the city of Hanoi & #8212 at; sights here let and not the most impressive, but nevertheless interesting. One day on deep studying of the city will be obvious insufficiently. And here will examine in Hanoi for short term it is possible though it is better to allocate 3-4 days and to slowly see one of the most unusual cities of Vietnam.

the Sight of Hanoi (Vietnam) is designed and constructed by

by analogy with Lenin's Mausoleum. Construction was conducted two years - from 1973 to 1975. By the way, experts from the Soviet Union directed the project. Material was brought from all Vietnam, even the plants planted near the Mausoleum display the nature of all corners of the country.

The sight on the small island connected to the coast a dam is located, the point is on the card in the bottom of the page.

For 17-18 centuries the building was restored, restored, all statues and steles were carefully stored. The main value of a pagoda - Buddha's statue executed from rare breeds of wood.

If you want to plunge completely into the atmosphere of Vietnam, attentively study a question - what to look in Hanoi at and to try. To tourists suggest to plunge into the world of local cuisine. The guide accompanies city visitors in different cafes, all in a tour 6-7 places with different kitchen are planned. First courses, beaters, rice, noodles, ice cream, salads and surprising coffee with egg are presented in the menu.

Going sightseeing in Hanoi independently according to the guide, visit the house on piles and the museum of the leader. Both constructions together with the Mausoleum form a complex. The house on piles - one of residences of the legendary governor, and in the museum the exhibits narrating about his life are exposed.

The museum is to the south from the lake of the Returned Sword. There comes city transport - buses No. No. 8, 31, 36 and 49.

The night market begins from Hang Guy Street and continues to Hang Dau Street.

The main advantage of the market - the lack of transport, this part of the old quarter turns into the pedestrian zone. Owners of bars and cafe force out into the street chairs, tables and invite to a dinner. The kitchen is the most various, but it is worth coming not so much here for culinary masterpieces how many behind the special atmosphere and mood.

By the way, all mausolean complex is in the territory of a botanical garden. Originally unique plants grew on 33 hectares, but today the garden occupies only 10 hectares. The majority of plants local, but a third from them are brought from Africa, Oceania, the Southern and Northern America. In a garden walking and bicycle paths, comfortable fields for occupations are equipped with different types of sport, there are even two lakes where it is possible to swim for a while on a catamaran.

In the downtown, all in half a kilometer from the lake of the Returned Sword, the museum which a few years ago became the capital which is the most visited by a sight is located. However, some tourists recommend to leave survey of the museum the next days.

The place is recognized as one of the most spectacular and interesting therefore it is better to go to a wall on foot. It is located to the east from the lake of the Returned sword.

On the bank of the lake the cafe where it is possible to eat and take a detached view of life of citizens is a lot of. In the evening guests are invited by puppet theater on water. After representation it is possible to walk near the lake.

Many sights of Hanoi are near the lake of the Returned sword therefore in our guide we will consider a reservoir a starting point for survey of the city independently.

Quarter is called "36 streets" as in the past it contained 36 streets, everyone was taken away for certain handicraftsmen. In the name of each street is the words hang - goods. This quarter there are streets of silk, jewelry, vegetables, footwear. Here it is possible to get everything. Today quarter contains already more than fifty small streets. The best time for tourists - after 19-00, streets of quarter turn into the night market with a huge number of pubs.

In the competition devoted to reconstruction of a system of dams, the project of the artist won a special prize. Works on a vykladyvaniye of ceramics began in 2007, finished their main part in 2010, but masters of different nationalities work on this masterpiece and today. Took part youth from Vietnam in the project and more than hundred artists from other countries.

At first sight the cathedral seems gloomy because it is executed in gray tones and in Gothic style. The building is allocated against the background of an architectural city landscape. The best time for walk near the temple - evening when it is highlighted and gains a certain grace, but in too time does not lose medieval gloom. The cathedral operating hold services here, and the body sounds.

The park - the favourite place for walks of locals. Here adults and children come. In the morning here athletes train - make jogs, are engaged in a kung fu.

One of the most attended actions and entertainments not only in Hanoi, but also in Vietnam. In each guide this sight is specified and travelers recommend to look at representation in the theater, most ancient in the world.

Council! Considering how many sights are in the capital of Vietnam, are the best of all to be prepared in advance. Think over the route and print out the list of names. Vietnamese with pleasure will prompt the road, but the name has to be specified in local language, very few people know Russian and English in Hanoi.

The museum is founded at the end of the last century, and devoted to an invaluable contribution of women to development of Vietnam. The museum occupies the four-storeyed building with a total area more than 2000 sq.m. The quantity of exhibits of the museum exceeds 25 thousand. Here information on 54 ethnic groups is provided.

Free entrance. The cathedral is located near the lake of the Returned Sword in the western direction.

It is interesting! During Christmas on the square near the temple carnivals are carried out.

To the temple conducts Hook Bridge or bridge of morning sunlight. This sight of Hanoi (Vietnam) is considered the hallmark of the city. Here travelers, pilgrims, believers come. To this bridge there come newlyweds to be photographed. In the evening the bridge is beautifully highlighted.

The performance did not change throughout five centuries. Fascinating representation tells about the many-sided culture and features of life of numerous Vietnamese nationalities. You will not see such doll show anywhere, will not hear such ancient songs which are followed by playing national musical instruments.

Tours and excursions in the agencies, as a rule, are ordered by tourists who plan a trip to Hanoi for the first time. The travel on the city and vicinities considerably saves time as the guide precisely knows what sights to show. Learn the PRICES or reserve any housing by means of this form

One more interesting museum in category "what to look in Hanoi at". Here history, traditions and life of the people of Vietnam and all countries of Southeast Asia is visually shown. An exhibition rich and interesting, household items, boats of local fishermen and the real houses are collected. Especially interestingly in the museum to children. At an entrance offer tourists the guide, but the story is kept in English.

The museum occupies the territory in 13 thousand sq.m. The decision on its construction is made by the government of the country in 1987. Construction works were conducted 8 years - from 1987 to 1995. The feature of the museum is that it is located on Nguyen Van-Heyen Street. Earlier here grew up rice. Expositions are located in two parts of the museum - covered and opened. In the covered part besides an exhibition there are an office, library, laboratories, storages. Annually the museum accepts more than 60 thousand visitors.

Near the lake there is a Buddhist temple of the Jade mountain built in the 14th century. Here the effigy of a turtle long 2 meters is stored. The entrance to the temple will cost 1 dollar, it is open from 7-00 till 18-00.

By the comfortable ship with the polite, professional guide it is possible to go to the gulf Halong. During the trip of guests feed and acquaint with the history of the country.

However, actually, the Mausoleum was built against the will of the governor. The matter is that according to the will it had to cremate and scatter ashes through the whole country. Near the building there is regularly a guard of honor in a beautiful form. Protection of the Mausoleum watches that visitors followed strict rules:

For record! Near the Mausoleum it is necessary to see the bright yellow building. It is the Presidential palace where too it is possible to come in any day except Monday and Friday from 7-30 till 11-00 and from 14-00 till 16-00. Visit cost also 25 thousand dong.

The lake is located in the central part of the city, the beautiful, ancient legend of the emperor by Le La is connected with it. The legend says that the magic sword presented by a gold turtle helped the governor to overcome the enemy. When the enemy army was prostrate, Le La organized a magnificent celebration on the lake, but suddenly appeared turtle dragged off a sword on a bottom. The lake appeared in the old riverbed of the Red River, in its "center" the tower - the Temple of a turtle is constructed.

Be ready that in hotels there are no high-quality cards, most often to tourists suggest to use the simple card printed.

Near the lake there is a beautiful park of Li Tkhay of To, the statue of the governor Li Tkhay To is placed into the square in the "center".

The main exposition is placed on three floors. Each exposition is devoted to a certain subject, and near each exhibit there are plates in three languages, including, in English.

Free entrance. It is possible to look at one of the main attractions of Hanoi daily (Monday and Friday & #8212; days off) from 8-00 till 11-00. In the fall for three months the Mausoleum is closed on scheduled maintenance.

The turn to the Mausoleum, as a rule, looks awful, being extended on several hundreds of meters, but it moves quickly. In the evening the square in front of the building is highlighted.

The mausolean complex is located on the square Oh Ding.

If you are limited in time and want to learn what to look in Hanoi in 1 day at, be guided by arrangement of objects. They have to be within walking distance that will allow to save money on transport and it is better to get acquainted with the city during walk. So, we go to an independent travel across Hanoi.

The wall represents the real masterpiece of long nearly 4 km. The uniqueness of a mosaic is that it is laid out manually. Initially it was just concrete wall about one meter high constructed as a dam. Today this work of art which each centimeter is decorated with a mosaic. On a wall the history of Vietnam, plots of numerous legends, scenes of life is represented. In the fall of 2010 the wall with a total area slightly less than 7 thousand sq.m. is entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most extended mosaic in the world. The city was handed the certificate during the magnificent celebrations devoted to thousand-year anniversary of the capital of Vietnam.

In the museum difficult life of women in Vietnam is displayed, first of all, it concerns inhabitants of rural areas. The national women's suits, jewelry, a jewelry, objects executed by skilled workers manually are here too shown.

Perhaps, in the guide this sight is not specified, however, if you independently travel around Hanoi, allocate time to look at it.

The idea belongs to the artist from Vietnam. In 2003 archeologists found unique ceramics of a dynasty of Li. The woman inspired a bright mosaic and decided to make her a symbol of Vietnam which would remind of the history of the country.

The feature of such tours is that a guide for tourists are students. It is always interesting to look at the city with the teenager's eyes - emotionally, unconventionally and cheerfully.

The cathedral opens daily at 5-00. From 12-00 till 14-00 the temple is closed and then again accepts tourists till 19-30. Services are held:

This pagoda is the most ancient in Vietnam and is esteemed as an object of cultural and national heritage, it is worth looking at it surely. Many interesting legends are connected with this place. The pagoda is constructed in the 6th century at the Red River which at that time was the main waterway in a northern part of the country. 11 centuries later a construction forcedly moved to the island and established it on the base. It was the compulsory measure as annually during a river flood the pagoda was waterlogged.

The pagoda is decorated by a picturesque garden in which the construction 15 meters high consisting of 11 tiers is constructed. On each tier there is Buddha's statue, all them there are 66. The garden decorates a bodkha tree, it is considered that it is grown up from a shoot of a sacral tree where Buddha found an enlightenment. The pagoda is esteemed by locals as the most important part of development of all Vietnam.

Personal belongings can be put in a left-luggage office cell, and in the souvenir shop at the museum to buy a gift for memory.

Photo and video equipment and personal belongings leave in left-luggage offices.


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