Who could escape from legendary prison, it is curious

Published: 5.7.2018
&171; бутырка&187;: who could escape from legendary prison

Butyrka is the legendary pre-trial detention "center" located in Moscow. It is known to our many citizens according to the movie "17 moments of spring" - exactly there shot prison scenes of a picture. Long corridors, lattices, grids, vigilant protection - everything demonstrated to what to escape from the insulator it will not turn out. In reality escaped from Butyrsky prison, and more than once, however, already in Post-Soviet time.

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of Chances of the satisfaction of the appeal therefore she decided to arrange escape by means of the cellmate who has to be released any day. Sukhozherdeva agreed that will be released instead of her, and that later couple of days will be indignant why she is not released.

Ostrovsky meanwhile ran out to the yard which through 10 meters came to an end with a high brick fencing. As if the spiderman the fugitive at reckless speed began to clamber upward, are dexterous clinging to small ledges in a wall. Everything was so prompt that the security guard who was on duty on a tower noticed nothing.

Only next day when Sukhozherdeva's accomplice lifted indignation, circumstances of escape were opened. But the quirky ex-student not for long walked, and it was detained in several days in one of the capital markets.

To the appointed day instead of the expecting release of the prisoner in court there went a robber. There he quietly listened to Themis's verdict, removed handcuffs from it, and the criminal unperturbably left the courthouse. But also it was caught soon.

Similarly the Georgian robber ran away from the Butyrsky pre-trial detention "center" in March, 2000. He agreed to change over for the cellmate who expected end of investigation. Substitution had to happen in day when the man is carried to court on announcement of a not-guilty verdict.

Having thoroughly learned the facts from the biography of the accomplice that was necessary at the report during release from the pre-trial detention "center", the former student quietly left Butyrka. Law enforcement authorities did not notice any dirty trick.

The most surprising that the prisoners dressed in pea jackets and who had a characteristic appearance of prisoners went without problems through a checkpoint on the street. Probably, the general mess and chaos which came after the collapse of the USSR did not avoid also Butyrka. However, fugitives not for long walked about on freedom, in couple of days caught them.

One more loud escape was made in the fall of 2011 by three recidivists. By means of spoons they made a hole in a cement floor, got tiles then within several days dug through the course in a collector. Through it malefactors also appeared at liberty. The first two from them were caught quickly enough, the second disappeared one and a half years.

The malefactor dexterously jumped through a fence of Butyrka and escaped in the unknown direction. It became clear later that Ostrovsky was a champion of Belarus in parkour. Detained the trickster in two years in Finland.

Other remarkable case happened in June, 1996. The native of the Saratov region 26-year-old Natalya Sukhozherdeva received five years for illegal currency transactions and storage of weapons. Condemned sentence appealed. Sukhozherdeva waited for the fate in Butyrsky prison.

One of the most impudent escapes was made on March 22, 2010 by the native of Belarus Vitaly Ostrovsky. Together with the cellmate it was led in washing. Near the sanitary inspection room Ostrovsky pushed away the supervisor and turned tail. The law enforcement authority did not run after the fugitive, having been afraid to leave the second prisoner.

For the first time from Butyrsky prison it was succeeded to make escape in 1992. Two criminals who managed to get out of the walking court yard which was located on a roof of the main building of the isolation "center" were fugitives. They reached unnoticed the region of the building and jumped down on a small extension.

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