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Published: 1.7.2018
4 signals which indicate deficiency of potassium

The deficiency of potassium can negatively affect nerves and nervous communications of cells of muscles of a system of digestion, heart and also other muscles.

In certain cases because of deficiency of potassium the warm rhythm slows down that leads to appearance of dizzinesses.

The balanced food easily helps to support stable potassium level in blood.

How to learn whether your organism has deficiency of potassium? The following signs can testify to the shortage of this mineral.

This problem often disturbs athletes who spend too much time at trainings. If you play sports, it is recommended to take mineral drinks with potassium content from time to time.

Muscular pains, spasms and atypical weakness can be the first signs of deficiency of potassium. The last extends not only to hands and legs, but also to muscles of respiratory organs and a gastrointestinal tract.

Each type of arrhythmia is shown by certain symptoms, from dizzinesses to faints. The irregular warm rhythm can be followed by feeling of shortage of air, breast pain and sweating.

Now you know about what products help to cope with deficiency of potassium. It was necessary only to include them in the diet more often.

Weakness, spasms, numbness and pricking in muscles & #8212; all this can demonstrate that the deficiency of potassium in a human body progresses.

100 g of this fruit contain 487 mg. potassium. You can use avocado for preparation of cold sauces, salads and sandwiches.

Fluctuations of arterial blood pressure can cause both the high, and too low level of potassium.

If you are a lover of mashed potatoes, hardly the problem of deficiency of potassium is familiar to you.

The chronic deficiency of potassium can cause changes in structure of kidneys and lead to violations of functions of these bodies.

When our organism lacks potassium, it becomes difficult for muscles to relax and they remain reduced. Because of it there are spasms. If painful spasms in muscles of legs are not by hearsay familiar to you, then most likely this problem is caused by deficiency of potassium.

The deficiency of potassium interferes with fast restoration of power balance cages. It becomes more difficult for muscles to be reduced because of it.

It is possible when you think of nutrients and of food which needs to be eaten to have good health, you do not think of deficiency of potassium.

According to results of scientific research, abuse of salty food and a lack of fruit and vegetables of a diet of the person increase risk of development of a hypertension.

It is quite easy to grow up a mangold in house conditions. Try to make it! The matter is that in only 100 g of a mangold 380 mg contain. potassium. You can use a mangold for preparation of salads and cocktails.

You should not forget about this mineral. It plays an important role in implementation of many processes of activity of a human body.

When it comes about potassium, the first product which comes to our mind is banana. Really, these fruit contain a large amount of this mineral. But there are also other products about which you should not forget.

Attentively get acquainted with them and think whether you suffer from deficiency of potassium.

If these symptoms seemed to you familiar, we recommend to you to see immediately a doctor for carrying out inspection.

It is worth meaning that if you have diabetes, it is not recommended to abuse bananas.

There are various types of arrhythmia. In certain cases heart of the person begins to fight too quickly, and in others, on the contrary, the warm rhythm slows down. In the most hard cases heartbeat of the person becomes spasmodic.

It is known that these fruit are a rich source of potassium. In 100 g of pulp of banana 370 mg contain. potassium.

One more remarkable vegetable which is rich source of potassium. In 100 g of cabbage 450 mg contain. this mineral.

The set of factors, including hereditary predisposition, completeness and the use of salt have an impact on increase in arterial blood pressure of the person. The deficiency of potassium is also one of the defining factors.

Reduction and relaxation of muscles of a body of the person directly depends on potassium. Relaxation of muscles can be conscious or unconscious. It depends on a type of muscles.

So to what food it is recommended to pay attention to cope with deficiency of potassium?

The long deficiency of potassium can break work of our heart. The first symptom of it are irregular heartbeat without the reason seen on that.

Try to do more often of cabbage the salads and dishes prepared in an oven.

The most part of potassium in a human body contains in cages.

If it is shown after classes by run, and you did not get used to physical activities, it is normal. But the same cannot be told about an unusual rhythm of heart which appears without the reason, during performance of commonplaces.

If you eat incorrectly, often eat junk food and products with the low content of nutrients, at you the deficiency of potassium can be shown.

One more seasonal vegetable which can be used for preparation of various dishes. In 100 g of spinach 554 mg contain. potassium.

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