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Published: 29.3.2019
sight of Thailand

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It is better to plan visit of a zoo for early morning or the second half of day in the late afternoon as most of its inhabitants seek to hide from 11-00 till 16-00 from the scorching sun and fills up. Residents of Bangkok come to a zoo generally at the weekend therefore on weekdays in Dusita it is very poorly populated. At an entrance issue to visitors the zoo card from which it is possible to learn a location of the main objects.

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Today in a zoo over 1,6 thousand species of various animals, including, birds, reptiles and mammals are presented. At each open-air cage which held animals special plates on which information on the interesting facts of the inhabitant of the open-air cage is provided are hung out. White tigers and the barking deer an albino are considered as the business card of a zoo.

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The tourists visiting a zoo have an opportunity not only to admire animals, but to feed some of them. Besides, guests of a zoo wait for driving on elephants, circus representation with animals and also walk on a catamaran. Especially for young visitors of a zoo the children's playground where children can drive on various attractions works. It is also possible to look at article - "Features of Shopping in the Capital of Thailand" which will tell you about this type of tourism much.

However in Bangkok there are several remarkable places which visit will be interesting both to adults, and children.

How to be prepared for a travel to Thailand?

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The zoo conducts the history since 1895 when the governor of Siam Rama V impressed with beauty of parks in the European cities made the order to lay out a botanical garden which Ding Wang received the name Khao to the east from Premprachakorn channel. Originally could use the garden closely adjoining the royal palace only representatives of a ruling dynasty.

One of such sights - the zoo Dusit which works daily from 8-00 till 18-00. Entrance fee in a zoo for adult residents of Thailand is the 100th baht, for foreigners - the 170th baht. The price of the children's entrance ticket is twice cheaper, than the adult. It is possible to reach a zoo on foot from the Victory Monument BTS metro station and also buses 18, 28, 108, 528, 515, 539, 542.

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In the period of government of the king Rama VII the garden increased the territory, became available to more general public. After as a result of revolution of 1932 in Siam the system was replaced, and the monarchic device was succeeded by the constitutional form of government, the head of the government Pibunsongram appealed to the king Rama VIII to provide a garden in public use. The monarch agreed and disposed to transfer to a garden of the crocodiles who are contained at it, dappled deers, elephants and monkeys. After in a garden additional works were carried out, the royal garden renamed into the zoo Dusit opened on March 18, 1938 the doors for the first visitors.


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