Is updated: envy and self-deception - a way to failures that disturbs on the way to itself

Published: 27.3.2019
envy and self-deception-a way to failures that disturbs on the way to itself

Continuing article about work value (How to estimate the work and others work. Stages), we spoke about mistakes which prevent to achieve success and to reach the level when you and your services or goods are in demand. At the same time you remain the joyful normal person independent of something and someone, realizing himself and the principles.


Most likely - when to us just like that gets something, we do not appreciate it. When we lose, only then we realize a contribution of other parties. We pass a lesson and on next time we accept each council, belief, the hint with gratitude and affairs become far better and more positive.

We will return to mistakes on the way of growth which force down from a way of success and can cast away live life and the drive from life for many months and years.

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The envy quietly seizes … Why it, but not I … Why they are able to afford, and I cannot …

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An exit - he is sober on himself to look, remove for several days of all people which allegedly use us and you will see reality. If we without their communication and their affairs quietly live and we feel full, there are a smile and sincere joy and there is no grief - everything means normally and time to leave came. And if without them everything stops, braked, results in despondency - then it is worth estimating their contribution and to become simpler, to show gratitude and to learn to see interchange and a mutual contribution.

If it is even more deeply important to you to study this subject - read all consecutive chain of reflections and decisions: the beginning here - How to estimate the work and others work. Stages

Similar thoughts and statements result in devastation and loneliness. To think ridiculously that all put around nothing in you and that all people or team does nothing.

Imperceptibly under different masks, emotions, thoughts, the envy takes away from tranquility on the way, vanity appears. The envy destroys communication and sincerity, joy and a positive.


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