How to make home-made ketchup, at the request of chitaty

Published: 25.3.2019
how to make home-made ketchup

In our family without ketchup any snack is not served. That the husband that children adore tomato sauce. Here only we never buy it in shop. I cook ketchup itself from home-made tomatoes which we grow up at the dacha. All it is excited, sauce turns out is much more tasty than purchased.


But it is not obligatory to wait for winter to regale on the most tasty tomatoes dish, it is always possible to make hot appetizers. Good luck to you in culinary experiments!

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Cut vegetables on pieces, put everything in a pan and put on fire. Varya until onions do not become soft. Then crush everything in the blender or grind through a sieve. Later cook to desirable density about an hour

more at the end of cooking add salt and sugar, constantly stirring slowly that sauce did not burn. Then add pepper and apple cider vinegar, remove from fire and pour in earlier sterilized banks, roll up covers.

Here home-made sauce is also ready, it is possible to put to the storeroom. In the winter to such ketchup of the price will not be. In our family in general love preparations for the winter from tomatoes, in cold winter evenings they are eaten just in no time.

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The editorial office "So Simply!" will share with you the recipe of home-made ketchup. In total to banality просто…


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