the Most readable: work and available vacancies in Shanghai for Russians in 2019

Published: 23.3.2019
work and available vacancies in Shanghai for Russians in 2019

I offer translation service | the guide in Shanghai. Free possession Russian, Chinese and English languages.

How to look for work of the English teacher in China, it is told in this video:

Good afternoon, Darya. Your offer is still relevant?

Quite often the dream of employment abroad is wrecked at collision with a language barrier.

If your offer is still relevant, then I am ready to express interest.

It is possible to look for interesting vacancies, using specialized platforms, communications of the profile agencies, possibilities of thematic forums and groups in social networks. Than such experience is useful? Already at least the fact that your own moneybox of data on China gradually fills: real, but not mythical. Those who already achieved the objectives have an opportunity to see the market of employment of China from within.

I live in Shanghai. I look for work in the sphere of physical culture and sport, the trainer-teacher.

The student living in Shanghai for escort of heads on a business trip is necessary.

Address wechat: 15099336756, what’ s app: +8615099336756

The prospect to quickly find the good place in Shanghai depends on professional, personal qualities of the applicant, level of claims, enterprise of the candidate.

I live in Shanghai. Languages: English, Chinese. Specialty & #8212; economist, additional courses: manager of foreign trade, logistics, filling there. declarations.

China receives qualified personnel with open arms, moreover, provides visa support, worthy level of payment, social package, housing. It is simpler to programmer, architect, design engineer, technologist, economist, marketing specialist, surgeon, manager, logistician-foreign affairs specialist to find the place that, than professional achievements are higher.

I look for work of the hairdresser (work with Europeans)

I represent the Russian logistic company. In international transport we are represented by the large international logistic company. We for express cargo delivery from Shanghai and Beijing to Moscow for one large Russian car maker need several couriers. Work not a constant, but can whom the side job will interest. How often the courier will be necessary, I cannot tell yet. Now there is a tender. But, by the experience for the European suppliers, it can be from 1 to 10 deliveries a month. Requirements to the courier: knowledge Chinese and\or English (at the level of colloquial for communication with our Chinese partners), existence of the Russian passport or passport of any other countries, the having right of visa-free entry into Russia, an opportunity and time for flight to Moscow and back. The ticket is paid by us. You receive it on an email. Freight will undergo customs cleaning and in Shanghai or Beijing, and in Moscow. As necessary granting hotel in Moscow. Payment in Moscow. If there are interested persons, pm. I will answer any questions.

I look for work of the economist in China. I have the diploma with honors of one of the leading HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Russia. Extensive experience in the bank sphere (more than 10 years). Constructed career from the ordinary manager to the director of office. English. She is sociable.

The most widespread options of employment:

It is necessary to estimate really at once the chances and to think of the future integration on language Wednesday of the employing state.

In the country with a high economic potential and violently developing technologies appreciate the knowing experts, experts, profile workers, representatives of creative professions. Working specialties, unqualified work are also demanded. Even the student has an opportunity to learn or tighten Chinese, and also to earn additionally.

According to the foreigners who realized the professional ambitions in Shanghai to get a job, being within the country, it is simpler, than remotely, from abroad.

I look for work of the piano teacher. Good English, wide experience.

Placement of the summary remains an effective technique. But before it is necessary to study proposals of competitors and eychar. Before a trip it is useful to study the legislative base, rules of entrance adopted in society by norms. It is the best of all to go to China, having found several options of suitable vacancies, and it is even better, having the preliminary arrangement with the employer or the invitation. There is a practice of signing of the contracts to a departure when the inviting party undertakes payment of air flight and renders assistance in receipt of a visa.

How to live in China without knowledge of Chinese, you learn in the following video:

Speech skills Chinese (conversational level) for a start more than are enough, the rest will come with immersion to society. How soon & #8212; depends on degree of interest, desire, abilities of the individual. But it optionally, main thing & #8212; to know English. Preparing for a trip, it is useful to tighten English level at least to Pre-Intermediate.

The pharmacist, experience in the pharmaceutical industry from drugstore to the director of pharmaceutical production. It is sure, I can implement any project.

Hello, Sergey. My name is Perman. Citizen of Turkmenistan. Entry into Russia free. I know English, Russian and the Turkish languages. I live in Shanghai. I look for work in the field of cargo transportation. Worked in Turkey and in Moscow in the field of sales. If your offer is relevant, is ready to discuss details. I will be glad if you help to earn additionally with Shanghai.

I look for work in the logistic company, experience is available. Also I can be a translator. WhatsApp: +8618621070625 Vichat: 18621070625

Hire in many respects already only thanks to bright European appearance.

I look for work of the translator in Shanghai. High level Chinese, good English. Wechat: nugman_aidana95.

How I can contact you?

It is interesting that for pupils you can be the resident of Canada, America or Australia & #8212; at the request of administration of school. Average monthly earnings of the teacher of a foreign language make 7500-10000 yuans. Pay 20 US dollars for a private lesson, at school & #8212; 30. Pay teachers of Russian twice less. To receive one of such places, it is necessary to provide the summary, diplomas, certificates, to lay out convincing proofs of language proficiency (without accent) and to interest the potential employer. Successful student teaching is welcomed, but the key part is assigned to faultless language proficiency. The administration of school helps with the business visa. Working visa & #8212; the same unusual occurrence as signing of the contract to which local are skeptic though for the applicant official registration & #8212; these are guarantees.

Therefore many go to China on a tourist visa, and then, having found work, carry out the formalities concerning stay in the territory of the People's Republic of China. It is connected with what recruiters trust results of interviewing more, than to the package of documents presenting you as the professional.

About work abroad.

Focused on export, China willingly gets English-speaking shots (managers, office workers, logisticians, translators, consultants) for negotiating with the western partners. Decent language skills allows to count on employment in the teaching sphere (schools, tutoring). It is more schools of English in Shanghai, than teachers of the native language.

Within the social Au Pair program supervised by the state it is possible to settle the housekeeper, the babysitter with accommodation and food. It is an optimal variant for young people of both sexes age from 18 to 29 years.

The youth has other priorities & #8212; an opportunity to combine work and interests (study, tourism, cultural heritage, kitchen, spirituality, communication) is appreciated. However here this is not about high earnings.

Work in Shanghai is tempting for compatriots thanks to the good salary and a possibility of self-realization. The power provides able-bodied population with employment & #8212; social programs are strong. The stream of vacancies for nonresidents of the country does not run low too.


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