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Published: 1.4.2019
Abkhazia: sights of new Athos

In New Athos exists many walking routes conducting to key sights of the city. Practically at each sight the cafe or restaurants that tourists could be supported after the long road are equipped.

It is possible to learn more about the saturated history of once great city, having visited the Museum of the Abkhazian kingdom - small storage where the set of the archeological and paleontologic finds belonging to locals is presented.

In those days Anakopiya turned into the capital of the Abkhazian kingdom. It managed to keep this high status for several years. The tsar Leon II was not mistaken when he relied on this city. Thanks to skillful policy, it managed to turn it into the economic, cultural and religious "center" which allowed to unite the Abkhazian nationalities. Such situation remained till the 19th century until the imperial residence was transferred to Kutaisi during different wars.

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Near the Seaside park the Genoa tower - the former fortification constructed in the Middle Ages for protection against attack from the sea is located. From defensive works there was a small part, but at restoration it was succeeded to recreate historically reliable look.

An ancient monument of church architecture - the temple of the Saint apostle Kananit - the ascetic church constructed in the Byzantine style. This church was built between the 9-10th centuries - in times when in Abkhazia Orthodoxy actively extended, and everywhere actively built temples. On a legend this temple was built on the place where the apostle Simon the Zealot - the Saint preaching fundamentals of Christianity died.

From border of Adler and Abkhazia it is possible to reach New Athos by regular buses or on share taxis. Motor transport goes as only it is filled with people.

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From the observation deck of the watchtower restored in 2008 tourists have an opportunity to see all city and its vicinities.

Other bright monument - "Golden Fleece" - the composition possessing couple of the most interesting legends. The first acquaints with history of the brother and sister which traveled on a gold ram to Asia, but they had to sacrifice him then the fleece was stolen by Argonauts. The second history says that the skin of a ram was in the ancient way to extract gold. Small gold parts from the river settled on it, giving the chance to increase production.

A lot of interesting is located outside New Athos in the neighboring resorts: Sukhum, Pitsunda and Gagra.

On the way the train does stops on several objects - "Entrance gate", "Apsna's Hall" and "Anakopiya Hall".

In Anakopiysky fortress several objects are of interest:

Subsequently in the park several sculptures, dense and different vegetation and also the central place - a bed in the form of the calendar appeared.

Acquaintance to sights of New Athos includes visit of the main relic of the resort - Anakopiysky fortress - the place from where the history of the city began. This construction endured many historical events.

Also it is worth visiting the tasting room of the Abkhazian wines where you will be able not only to buy national drinks, but also to taste.

You watch the review of the New Athos monastery in this video:

The most beautiful monuments the history of this city are the temples and churches constructed here in ancient times. That it bears important religious value, says the fact that it is the popular place for a pilgrimage.

By tradition, sculptures are located in walking zones or where there are other not less significant sights.

All the cave consists of 11 halls, but only a half of them is open for tourists.

The main advantage of New Athos before the majority of the resorts of Abkhazia - the saturated and extensive history of this city which began here at the time of Antiquity.

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The magnificent nature - the main dignity of New Athos as resort. The city on the bank of the Black Sea is surrounded with picturesque mountains and the cleanest lakes.

Among excursions on natural sights such places enjoy popularity:

The underground world of the New Athos cave is very rich:

Construction of the monastery came out difficult - in this direction there were no access roads, but as a result the complex left fantastically beautiful. 6 temples among which the predominating role is played by Panteleimonovsky cathedral - a bright sample of the Russian architecture were its part. In spite of the fact that the New Athos monastery is a religious monument of architecture, even not religious vacationers hurry to get acquainted with it closer.

New Athos is large tourist and pilgrim point therefore it is possible to find it. The resort is located in the Gudauta district on the coast of the Black Sea and also near other not less significant resorts of the country - Pitsunda and Gagra.

That New Athos has ancient history, tell hundreds of monuments and artifacts belonging to different times. The first mention of the city is dated the 3rd century when here the largest trade Anakopiya point actively developed in all.

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Only ruins reached our days, but, considering that it was constructed in the IV-V vv, it perfectly remained.

The brightest monument - a sculpture "Eagle tormenting a snake". Initially the composition was near the New Athos monastery, but now it is in Primorsk the park at a pond where there live swans. It represents the eagle who caught production - the huge snake clamped in his claws. This monument so impresses with the look that many tourists like to be photographed against the background of it.

Little tourists will like visit of the Psyrtskhinsky reserve - one of the most interesting and beautifull places of New Athos. Here it is especially pleasant to come with children to enjoy fresh air, silence and tranquility. There is a small construction where the apostle Simon the Zealot prayed.

Tourists from everywhere stay here with own eyes to see the local main attraction - the men's New Athos monastery. Since ancient times this monastery was one of the largest spiritual "center"s of the Caucasus, and it was founded in 1875 with assistance of the tsar Alexander III.

New Athos can be divided into two parts where the historic "center" is of the main value. There is an opportunity to get acquainted closer with the fascinating history of different places, including with the known sight - the New Athos monastery. To get to it, it is enough to use the well-known Track of sinners which allows to like spirituality of the way conducting to the monastery.

On the excursion way the people suggesting to be photographed with horses in national suits can meet checkers, peacocks and other attributes.

Surely please relatives with the Abkhazian souvenirs. Read in this article what can be brought from Abkhazia.

Quite often former Anakopiya was attacked, however by then settlers of the city were able to afford to build the most powerful fortress which walls served as reliable protection against enemy invasions. By the end of the 8th century the fortification construction was occupied by ingenious and legendary Leon II. It managed to take control of the country of Abkhazia, having become the first Abkhazian tsar.

Due to the military events the airports of Abkhazia became inaccessible. The simplest opportunity to appear - to go in New Athos by the plane going from the large cities of Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, etc.) to the Sochi airport Adler.

In New Athos there are a lot of sights among which there are many historical, cultural and natural objects.

Slightly more time will occupy a way to New Athos by train from Moscow. The structure stays to Sukhum, and from there is an opportunity to reach the resort on public transport from the capital.

New Athos attracts tourists not only a fine opportunity to have a rest on the coast, but also acquaintance to the most ancient sights which are represented by Abkhazia.

For New Athos as for any seaside resort, the abundance of various monuments - big and small is peculiar.

New Athos - one of the most popular resorts not only Abkhazia, but also all Black Sea. The city conveniently was located at the foot of two mountains - Athos and Iversky, representing an ideal combination of the luxurious coast, the picturesque forest nature and a meeting of the most ancient architecture.

The central place for walks and rest in New Athos - the Seaside park - the unique place open for visit in 1880. This park appeared, thanks to efforts of monks who at first dug 7 ponds in its territory, laid out a bottom a tile, and began to breed then in them fish.

Thanks to rapid growth of welfare, including, to active trade, weapon business and jewelry crafts, inhabitants were prosperous what the found artifacts testify to.

Among these artifacts there are objects used in life, weapon, documents and cards. Thanks to the fact that all exhibits are arranged chronologically visitors have a fine opportunity to see the changes characteristic of different eras.

Transport connection from Adler to New Athos is organized very well. Directly from the airport the train going to Sukhum, but doing stops in all large cities of Abkhazia including in New Athos several times a day goes. Time in way will take no more than 40 minutes, and the ticket can be acquired directly in train cars.

Incredibly beautiful and unusual sight of the resort the New Athos cave - the natural gift open for visitors of all about half a century back. This miracle of the nature is capable to surprise any tourist, and for convenient acquaintance constructed here an artificial tunnel on which excursion trains ply.


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