New on the website: where to go to Moscow area, to take a walk with children and without season of 2019

Published: 3.4.2019
where to go to Moscow area, to take a walk with children and without season of 2019

Various technical museums always interest not only boys. To touch history of aviation, automotive industry, to touch the first domestic cars, to twist handles of some ancient unit … Whether it is worth looking for more interesting pastime for technicians?

Ozerasenezhmedvezhya ozerashatursky lakes - Meshchora National Park (lake-land) Moscow region of Biserovo ozerokossinsky lakes

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All listed options of rest are interesting and really resolve an issue where to go to take a walk to Moscow area. Acquaintance to the ancient Russian cities, visit of noble estates, a research of monasteries, temples and churches is fascinating, informative and unforgettable.

For those who resolving an issue where to go to take a walk to Moscow area, chooses ready thematic tourist routes, there are interesting offers of travel agencies. It is possible to go in:

The trip will approach reservoirs to tourists of any direction. It is possible just to have a rest at the river or the lake, to bathe, sunbathe, play beach volleyball, badminton or outdoor games with children.

Also for fans of wildlife we suggest to visit situated near Moscow a zoo. Did not hear about it? In only 20 km from Moscow on Kaluzhskoye Highway Ekzotik the park" was stretched ". Here to you both monkeys, and porcupines, tigers and lynxes, raccoons and ostriches, huge collection of parrots. The territory of the park occupies 8 hectares. Separately there is a terrarium, aquariums with sea inhabitants. After acquaintance to representatives of fauna it is possible to drive on attractions or to have a bite in numerous cafes. (47 km of Kaluzhskoye Highway)

Rest in Moscow area with children is good in country club & #171; Лачи». There really beauty. Such attention to children was not paid as anywhere there.

There are several options:

It is possible to drive on the boat, by water bicycle or a water ski. Often ashore offer such services for vacationers.


It is highlights which should be considered by all means. Food and comfortable placement - very important points when choosing the vacation spot with the small child. And the medical staff, of course, is necessary on a case of unforeseen problems with health. It is also important to bring as fast as possible the child, in case of need, to large medical institution. For this reason, you should not "be killed" with kids into a solitude where the leg of the person did not go.

Contents: Rest situated near Moscow with children Criteria for selection of the vacation spot we Choose the direction for rest with children Days off in Moscow area estates Situated near Moscow Beach vacation in Moscow area of the Reservoir of the River of the Lake Ecological tourism of Moscow area Intellectual rest in Moscow area of Walk across Moscow area River cruises of the day off

The centuries-old history of the most ancient noble childbirth of Golitsyn, Yusupovy, Lopukhiny is inseparably linked with names of the famous Russian writers, industrialists, artists and actors. Having visited well remained noble estates, it is possible to glance deep into centuries, to learn about traditions, life, history, influence on the fate of the country of the famous people and also to get acquainted with architecture and just to derive pleasure from walks on ancient shady avenues of magnificent parks and gardens.

There are and many other interesting and informative routes which will fill your days off with positive emotions, new impressions and knowledge.

It is known that to small children it is sharp it is not recommended to change climate. Therefore rest in the climatic zone - the most correct and useful. If you do not know where to go with children to Moscow area, then our councils, undoubtedly, will help to orient. For a full-fledged and safe trip it is necessary to be prepared carefully.

A set of boarding houses and holiday houses suggest to come to Moscow area together with children, and the geography of vacation spots is extensive. In any area situated near Moscow there will be many convenient and comfortable medical and improving institutions therefore the choice remains for you. It should be taken into account first of all boarding houses in that direction, far quicker and more conveniently to reach from your house.

If you want some "peppercorn" for the weekend in Moscow area, visit the unique place in the estate Serednikovo, it near Solnechnogorsk, only 24 km from MKAD. You as though make teleportation in other temporary measurement and will get to Europe the 18th centuries. Piracy port, and in it Jack Sparrow's sailing vessel, cobblestone roads of old Europe, at home, in which it is possible to come and get to that era - all this remained from shootings of the historical adventure movie and now enjoys invariable popularity at visitors, is magnificent interiors for photoshoots of different level. Such here Kinogorod.

You should not devote all days off to monotonous cares on the house. Organize to yourself a celebration and go for the weekend to a fascinating travel across Moscow area. Many tour operators offer "Day off routes", as a rule, these are the most interesting cities of the region which by all means should be visited.


It is possible to reach any estate on the car or by bus.

to contents rechny cruises of an output dnyamoskv - Uglich - Moskvamoskva - Kalyazin - Moskvamoskva - Myshkin - Moskvamoskva - Tver - Moscow

It is natural that there is a wish to escape from stuffy Moscow in the summer and to go to the coast of some reservoir. Numerous small rivers situated near Moscow, lakes, ponds, reservoirs allow to organize comfortable stay especially as on coast of reservoirs there will always be a camp site, boarding house or private hotel where it is possible to stop.

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Visit the Park of birds "Sparrows" near Kaluga. Undoubtedly, such rest will please both adults, and children. Open-air cages and cages held exotic and our local birds, animals, reptiles. The variety of birds bewitches. For fans of more active pastime there is a pond with carps whom it is possible not only to catch, but also to fry. Driving on horses and a game in a paintball diversify a trip especially as it is possible to stay for several days at local hotel.

In order that the trip with the kid was successful, it is quite good if in the territory of boarding house or recreation facility there is a playground, the prepared personnel for occupations with the child (nurses and governesses), there is a children's animation and pools. Neither you, nor your child should miss.

Original option of a travel is walk by motor ship on the rivers and reservoirs. Tour operators offer a set of routes from one-day prior to week-long tours with visit of the ancient cities, green stops, the extensive excursion program. For those who do not like to go much & #8212; it is a great option of rest.

Successful to you travel!

And it is possible to settle down in the secluded town with a rod and to enjoy fishing which, as we know, is very quite good in Moscow area. A pike, the small fry, an ide, zherekh and many other representatives of the fish kingdom willingly peck in local reservoirs to the great delight of fishermen.

For residents of such big megalopolis as Moscow, it is very important to have an opportunity to escape from "prison cell" and to go to the nature. Especially as Moscow area differs in soft climate of the Central Russian strip. The coniferous and mixed woods, abundance of the rivers and reservoirs, a set of recreation facilities, boarding houses and sanatoria, nurseries improving the camp & #8212; all this gives the answer to a question where to go to Moscow area.

Is included accommodation in a cabin in the price of any cruise, three meals a day, the excursion program, entertainments onboard the motor ship, services of the guide for all the time of a travel.


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