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Published: 11.11.2018
sample of the contract of a purchase

For transfer of the real estate to other party at a purchase or sale the contract is signed. The contract is legal protection of participants of the transaction in which duties of the seller and the buyer register. The first undertakes to transfer the real estate to the possession of the buyer, and the second guarantees to grant for it the stipulated sum. You can study a sample of the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment in 2019, having attentively studied all paragraphs of the document. The prisoner the contract can be considered only after passing of the state registration.

Highlights of the transaction on points undersign for a contract body:

The document is formed in triplicate, two of which remain with the parties of the transaction. The third option goes to Management of Federal service of the state registration of the rights for the real estate. If one of participants of the transaction cannot personally sign the contract, involvement of his authorized representative is admissible. In that case the sample of the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment by proxy can be necessary for you.

At the beginning of the contract are specified the settlement where the transaction, and its date is made. Further the information about participants of the transaction registers in a cap: Full name, date of birth, data of the certifying documents, the place of residence on a registration.

On its basis record in the Unified State Register of Rights on the real estate is made. State registration confirms legality of possession of the owner of the apartment.

Only the owner can sell the real estate, and buy & #8211; any persons: private, legal and also municipal authorities and others.


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