Life hack: the world and international day of tourism in Russia

Published: 13.11.2018
the world and international day of tourism in Russia

With the biggest scope the international day of tourism is spent in Spain - in the homeland of this holiday, directly in the city of Torremolinos. Here organize carnival processions, music plays everywhere, and various theatrical and dancing shows are still held.

Popular countries

Residents of Russia spend this day by means of active holiday too: raft down the river, go to campaigns, make ascension to mountains.

Annually festive event is held under the special motto:

All these actions are directed to motivating people to be engaged in active holiday, traveling and learning the culture of other countries.

Contents: The international day of tourism When is celebrated? The historical information In what sense? The action purpose the Settled traditions Scope of celebrations Where can be noted? Actions

Excellent the trip across the Golden Ring of Russia will become option of carrying out day of tourism. Read here what cities and sights are included into this route.

The main goal of an action is a promotion of tourism, development of tourist relations between the different states of the world. This action will allow to strengthen the relations between the countries and will strengthen economy of the states, we will not forget also that tourism brings some means in treasury and supports the cultural and social sphere of society.

Official date of celebration & #8212; September 27. In the same number in 1987 the Charter of the international tourist organization was approved.

The holiday was founded by the commission of the World tourist organization in 1979. In Russia the action turned into an event later - in 1983. Annually any country which is a part of the organization of tourism accepts all participants of a holiday in the territory. In 2003 Russia became the host country.

In September the tourist season on the coast of the Black Sea still proceeds. Read in our article what resorts can be visited.

All heads of the tourist organizations gather in Sochi, festivals and concerts and also rewarding and a celebration of outstanding employees of travel agencies and travelers are held.

For example, to Tahiti national festivals and competitions and also fairs on the international subject are held. In Paris various events which call people more kindly are held treats such phenomenon as tourism. On Maldives there take place the conferences and seminars intended for studying of influence of tourist actions on water resources.

The venue of celebration in many respects is defined by the motto. Events can be held as well in those cities where tourism industry is well developed and there are rich natural resources.

In many countries concerning this holiday undergo various procedures:

The holiday serves we remind how it is fine and important to travel, expand a circle of the interests, to be acquainted with culture and the history of other state and the Homeland.

Celebration usually takes place with special scope - to the city where there passes the World day of tourism, the people anyway connected with tourism gather.

As well as any festive event, this holiday has the traditions and the purposes.

Tourism as the phenomenon of the international scale was included into our everyday life for a long time. Any of us at least once in the life traveled, visited various areas, studied features of life and culture and also a sight of the states. The World day of tourism is also devoted to advance of this phenomenon.

Tourism has to be not only fascinating, but also available to all segments of the population - for needy, disabled people, families with children, elderly people.

You watch in this video as celebrate the Day of tourism on open spaces of the Russian Federation:

This date is chosen with an ulterior motive - during this period the tourist season on the Northern hemisphere comes to an end and only begins on Youzhny.

This event is widely celebrated in more, than thirty countries of the world, in particular, in the Russian Federation.


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