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Published: 9.11.2018
two queens, donut from Jennifer Aniston and other movies of week

Continuation at once two movies by Knight Shyamalan, "Impregnable" and Split. In lunatic asylum the security guard telepathist David Dunn (Bruce Willis), the only survivor meet during road accident, Kevin (James Makevoy) in whom there live 24 subpersons, including an uncontrollable Animal, and the villain Mr. Steklo (Samuel L. Jackson), mad about comics, whose bones are brittle, but intelligence an oster. Doctors believe that these three only imagine themselves superheroes, but we know that they are capable of a lot of things. Both in good, and in bad sense.

Rita Zheleznyakova, editor and journalist, last romantic of the planet Earth

The comedy from Jennifer Aniston about what bodipozitiv comes.

The drama about a long productive conversation of the journalist and God.

Gerald conducting columns about religion to "New York" Paul receives the offer to interview with God. The journalist full of sarcasm and mistrust gradually arrives at an idea that talks not to the mystifier or the madman, and to that who presented his interlocutor.

The uncertain superhero, the fragile villain and multipersonal Kevin meet in mental hospital.

Director: Carlos Reygadasv roles: Carlos Reygadas, Natalia Lopez, Phil Burgers, Ruth Reygadas

Maria Stewart and Elizabeth I compete with each other in race for power. Though the movie is also called "Two queens", in the "center" nevertheless red-haired Maria Stewart performed by Saoirse Ronan. Life of the queen of Scotland was bright, dramatic, similar to the dense historical novel. Not for nothing cinematographers so often operate this image. This time Maria is the impulsive little girl who is standing up for an epansipation.

The gentle and light road movie intonatsionno reminding "Before dawn" Richard Linklater, and, perhaps, not for nothing: the director Hans Vayngartner in youth played a small role in this movie.

To be a daughter of the former beauty queen - that still test. Uilloudin known as Doughnut is an excellent little girl who if has complex because of the weight, then only because her mother is mad about ideal proportions. To put a little mother's brains into place, Uilloudin decides to participate in a local beauty contest, but not because of desire to win, and from the aspiration to prove that it is possible to be beautiful in any weight.

The poetic festival movie from the large Mexican director.

This week all characters from the superheroic Universe of Knight of Shyamalan will meet, Jennifer Aniston will ridiculously play the former beauty queen, and Saoirse Ronan and Margo Robbie - two red-haired queens of the 16th century.

Almost three-hour movie for intellectuals from "the Spanish Tarkovsky" Carlos Reygadas. Juan and Esther operate the big ranch, he is a poet, she is the former teacher of literature. In spite of the fact that couple brings up three children, the relations at them free. When Esther creates affairs with other men, Juan feels painful jealousy, but the movie does not turn into the tragedy - too his heroes are clever, educated and inclined to experiments.

Director: Perry Lengv roles: Brenton Tueyts, David Streteyrn, Yael Grobglas, Hill Harper

Director: Jozie Rurkv roles: Saoirse Ronan, Margo Robbie, Jack Lauden, Joe Alvin, David Tennant, Guy Pearce

Director: Ann Fletcherv roles: Jennifer Aniston, Odeya Rush, Danijel McDonald, Maddie Bayllio, Beks Taylor-Claus

Two heroes, the long road and the flashed feeling.

Director: Hans Vayngartnerv roles: Emde, Anton Spiker, Arndt-Shvering Sonrey, Thomas Shmukert is small

The historical drama with the feministic agenda.

The student Yul goes to a meeting with the guy, and her casual fellow traveler there is a young man Alex. These two go on an old Mercedes through the whole Europe, stir about everything on light and at some point understand that they are happy in such state. What it is magic property of the road, youth mixed up with summer or love for the rest of life?


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