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Published: 15.12.2018
the child cries in a dream: why and what to do

The dream is the leading type of activity of the tot, and parents very much rejoice when he is quiet and is broken by nothing. Unfortunately, so happens very seldom, the kid constantly feels a certain need about which he reports by means of crying. Having heard it, young mothers worry whether nothing hurts at a chadushka, whether he is hungry?

Sometimes, eating, the kid together with milk swallows air. The air bubble which brings discomfort is formed.

Sometimes the crying reasons when bathing are that the child was tired. Try to carry out the procedure until it occurred.

It is impossible to ignore this state at all, however, as well as any crying of the baby when it sounded. Only parents can establish the reason of this emotion and eliminate it.

If mother did not refuse to itself pleasure to eat something sharp, spicy, with sharp taste, it will be reflected in her milk. The tot during feeding will be put to a breast, to throw it - the appetite is, and desire to eat tasteless milk is absent.

Having bathed the tot in warm water, add cool liquid to a tray, then process of adaptation to temperature of the room will take place imperceptibly.

The insufficient amount of milk can cause crying too - the baby does not gorge on.

The discomfort to the kid can deliver a temperature difference. If water in which he bathed was too warm, and indoors where you brought him, cool, the procedure will terminate in crying.

The baby can cry also during meal. Try to find out why the child cries and is capricious during feeding and to help it.

At the baby it can be inflamed mucous a mouth.

It is important to parents to find out why the child can be rolled up when cries. Perhaps, his any requirements are not satisfied, the child badly feels, etc.

Of course, there is an alarm, a natural question of why the child cries in a dream or under other circumstances.

Gripes can disturb it.

The reasons of this phenomenon can be a little:

There pass such attacks to years to 8. Some parents perceive such crying as a theatrical performance, a way of blackmail, but doctors claim that it is impossible to feign such state.

As a rule, it should not cause concerns - the reasons of these emotions usually are in needs of nature of the baby, but to make sure of what everything be all right each mother has to know what these manifestations are connected with.

Practically every second mother faces this problem. Bathing has to help the tot to calm down, relax, but often happens so that the procedure terminates in crying. So why the child cries after bathing and how to cope with this phenomenon?

Such cases happen less than two previous, but the child can cry and when wakes up, and the answer to a question why it occurs, can be in the different reasons:

Usually uneasiness and concern are shown by children who already were 1,5 years old, causing bewilderment of parents why the child cries before going to bed.

Anyway parents have to find out what the reason of the interrupted sleep consists in and to help the baby to cope with it.

The variety of reasons which depend in many respects on the kid, his character, on the atmosphere reigning at home can serve that:

Perhaps, the kid is hungry - water promotes emergence of appetite. Feed the tot approximately for half an hour before bathing and if it does not help, feed also after the procedure, and at once put to bed.

Often from parents it is possible to hear such phrase: "Cries, it is even rolled up". It becomes clear that strong crying means. When the child is rolled up, the state it is close to hysterical. Such phenomenon sometimes comes to an end even with faints, and can be shown since the earliest childhood.

When there is too much food, it can not be pleasant to the tot too - it promptly pours out from a mother's breast, and the child does not manage to swallow food.

Never frighten the kid by the fact that he will be taken away by "babayka" - it at first installs fears, and then implants them which negative manifestation can affect not only on vacation.


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