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Published: 17.12.2018
17 best exercises for weight reduction

Everything that is necessary for weight reduction and achievement of an ideal figure - it is healthy food, commitment, patience and daily performance of a complex of physical exercises. About what exercises best of all promote combustion of fat, you learn from this article.

Take a step forward the right leg and sit down on it is mute still front knee se it will be bent by 90 degrees, and the knee of a hind leg will not touch a floor. Then be straightened and take a step forward the left leg, having repeated exercise in other party.

The most remarkable in this exercise what it combines kardio and power loading. It represents a complex of movements for all body, including muscles of hands, backs, a stomach and legs. For increase in loading add a jump after straightening.

One of the best and most natural exercises to the person. This movement studies all muscles in a lower body, including gluteuses and popliteal sinews. It also provides loading for muscles of the case and deep muscles of a stomach and a back.

It is one of the best ways to strengthen a popliteal sinew, gluteuses and a back which are very often ignored. Get up on one leg with slightly bent knee, and then lower a trunk forward, yet will not reach position parallel to a floor. A pause, then return to the beginning. Make several repetitions, and then change legs and repeat in other party.

It is one of the best exercises for an upper body because it studies all muscles from a breast to a back, on hands and even your press. Make sure that your shoulders are located over wrists. Bend hands and try that your breast and hips were as it is possible closer to a floor, but did not concern it.

These jumps with pulling up of knees to a breast are extremely powerful and cheerful uprazhneny which will help you to strengthen your body, including heart. It is also great way to improve the dexterity, force and will increase your ability to jump above.

The bridge will strengthen your gluteuses and popliteal sinews and also muscles of an abdominal tension, a back and the internal surface of hips. You can do the same this exercise with a raising of one leg up.

Well to us familiar level. It became one of key elements for strengthening of muscles of the case. It is possible to carry out this exercise as on bent, and straight arms. Track that your hips, heels and shoulders made one straight line.

This exercise intends for muscles on a back part of a shoulder. If you find out that you feel discomfort in wrists, then try to change their situation or take a break for their rest.

Pullings up are one of the most difficult exercises with body weight. It loads muscles of a back, a breast, shoulders and hands as the few other movements. If you cannot carry out usual pullings up at once, then try to use the help or use the special exercise machine facilitating this exercise at the beginning.

This simple exercise can help you to construct stronger back and to make you to less subject injuries. From a prone position raise direct legs up to a right angle. Do not tear off at the same time a buttock from a floor. Lower legs down, and then, without concerning a floor, smoke back.

Above-mentioned exercises are universal and self-sufficient for achievement of the result put by you. You can pack randomly from them own complexes, varying sequence and the number of repetitions depending on a condition of the health. Each exercise has tens of modifications allowing to study purposefully different groups of muscles and to considerably diversify a training. Thus, from only fifteen basic movements you can create the training program practically of any level of complexity.

One of the best complex exercises which can only be found. This exercise combines level loading with the movements of the knees tightened to a breast. The movements of legs load also your press and help to burn calories. It is very important that you monitored observance of a correct posture throughout all exercise and held your shoulders and the case directly.

It is a simple, but effective way to strengthen all lower body: quadriceps, bicepses of hips, buttocks, calves. Bonus: also this exercise involves trunk muscles which help you to jump above and to keep balance.

Most of people does attacks only forward or back. But attacks are not less useful aside. This exercise is excellent addition to any training plan because study your muscle fibers, sinews and ligaments in other direction.

Sometimes jumps are not pleasant to much, but when it comes to increase in density of a bone tissue, it is a great thing. Jumping Jack is one of the best pliometrichesky exercises which just extremely influences also a cardiovascular system.

This exercise roasts the real fire your muscles of a stomach because they are used for stabilization and rotation of the case. Also it was proved that this exercise activates more muscle fibers in direct and oblique belly muscles, than standard twisting.

Exercise in an emphasis begins lying on palms and knees. Extend the right hand directly forward. Synchronously raise the left leg behind you so that it made a straight line with your case and an outstretched arm. Then touch by an elbow of the right hand of the left knee which is tightened forward. Your backbone is rounded at this time, and the chin rests against a breast. Repeat this movement several times.

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