Selection: microsoft bought github for 7,5 billion dollars

Published: 19.12.2018
Microsoft bought github for 7,5 billion dollars

On Monday, May 4, it became known that Microsoft agreed with GitHub, the leading world platform of development of the software at which more than 28 million developers, about acquisition work. Together both companies will direct developers and to help them to reach life cycle of development, bigger at each stage, to involve the enterprises in use of GitHub and to introduce tools for Microsoft developers in new audiences.

to continue to work with

of GitHub independently, providing the open platform for all developers in all industries. Developers will still be able to use programming languages, tools and operating systems at the choice for the projects and to develop the code in any operating system, any cloud, on any device as before.

"Microsoft & #8212; these are, first of all, developers, and, combining efforts with GitHub, we strengthen our commitment to freedom, openness and innovations", Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft said. "We acknowledge responsibility to community which we undertake this agreement, and we will make all efforts to give the chance to each developer to create, introduce innovations and to solve the most complex problems of the world".

According to terms of agreement, Microsoft buys GitHub for 7,5 billion dollars in an equivalent of stocks of Microsoft. Until the end of calendar year the transaction will be issued.


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