Novelty: pollution of the nature

Published: 21.12.2018
pollution of the nature

The person is called by the main and only reason of environmental pollution. It would seem, the nature created a reasonable biped being who could support and protect it. But something went wrong.

it is possible

, and we should cease to think out the second life to plastic bottles and to stop using plastic ware that our descendants did not reap the bitter fruits of our thoughtless and selfish life.

Today conscious people of the whole world sound the alarm, pollution of the planet grows at the terrifying rates. If to change nothing, then to our grandsons we will leave not the fine "blue planet", and a lifeless dump.

About 6,5 million tone of garbage most of which part is made by plastic waste annually get to the World Ocean. The sea research organization "Algalita" says that approximately the fourth part of a water smooth surface is already covered with floating plastic waste.

Plastic bags found popularity in the USA only couples decades ago. Buyers quickly estimated convenience of new material and "plasticity" strongly entered everyday life. Plastic bags seemed revolution - strong, convenient, cheap. Only years later it became clear what huge harm they do to ecology.

And today we will discuss pollution of the nature by the person. At the same time it will be a question of such thing harmless at first sight as a plastic package. Yes, those packages with which on streets we daily see thousands of people.

Pleases that most of ordinary citizens support the similar initiative of the government and consciously sacrifice the comfort to stop pollution of the surrounding nature.

As fight against plastic garbage in the different countries

So frightening circumstance cannot but cause concern therefore in many countries already seriously limit and even forbid use of plastic bags in life, offering instead of them more eco-friendly analogs: durable fabric bags or paper packages (which decay for few weeks).

British in 2004 developed and put on the market the self-decaying packages. During few years such container breaks up to water and carbon dioxide. In Italy plastic bags are forbidden since 2011 therefore not to do the buyer without reliable bag or a biopackage. The French in the homeland since 2016 completely forbade plastic bags. And from the 2020th will refuse also plastic ware.

Since October 1 and in Georgia the law forbidding use of plastic bags, which thickness less than 15 microns came into force. Now each company is obliged to apply the name and a logo on the released package. Moreover, since April the 2019th plastic packages in Georgia will become beyond the law, and they will be succeeded by the biodegrading container.

The matter is that the thrown-out used packages do not decay more than 100-150 years. In other words, the very first plastic packages released in the fifties did not decay also half. It is no wonder that many places and reservoirs of the planet turned into the real plastic dumps.

Scientists say that annually the mankind uses about 4 trillion plastic bags. All this huge weight gets to an ecosystem and destroys it. Plastic bags destroy more than 1 million birds, 100 thousand marine mammals and uncountable quantity of fishes a year.

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