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Published: 3.9.2018

In mass consciousness children of rich parents are associated with drugs, a tranzhirstvo, "G-Wagens" races and all what comes to mind to the ordinary person at the word "major". Such people by default do not deserve sympathy, and all interest in their persons comes down to calculation of someone else's money.

Never knew nothing

about prosperity of the partners when the relations were entered. The first guy with whom we were together two years supported both of us. On unforeseen or special expenditure of type of a holiday or visit of the doctor I took money from parents. To me was 18, I studied and worked in bookstore, but that salary was enough only for cigarettes.

It is not important that you think of me - I think of myself even worse. Often I experience the same prejudiced contempt, as well as the majority to children of rich parents. Mother says that at her friends the daughter returned from England: she is such clear head, the designer, the artist, St. Martins.

- Yes! I left to you from the second floor, we cool corresponded before.

"Than you think? The excessive luxury can confuse children!". Perhaps the person without any ulterior motive told, and for me - blow to the ego.

I practically have no friends who would have the same means as our family. I do not know why so it turned out. Perhaps because of extremely bad experience of training at the Moscow economic school where children in the 9th class were driven in the subway on an excursion.

Now to me 25, I incredibly got tired to be ashamed, hesitate and think beforehand. What you do, all the same you are doomed to condemnation. I try to offend nobody, at the same time I do not feel any guilty before the poor. Perhaps, it because I was born not in the palace and the income of parents grew in front of my eyes: here we live in the apartment with concrete floors in the Queen, here we move to the outskirts of Moscow, for the first time we go abroad, we move to the "center", etc.

You tell the same about me.

The chief as though for fun offers every time when we raise funds for another festival: "And why to your father to us not to throw money?". She, on the one hand, gently rebukes me that it is impossible to invest the money in the project, with another - never hurries to issue advance payment for works which do not begin without preliminary payments. We have an awkward silent arrangement that I will make it - I bear responsibility for an action. Then she smiles motherly and says: "Well really you again?.".

Once we agreed with the friend to go to a house party. There journalists, very clever gathered, very liberal and unanimously despised a chertova the bourgeoisie. I had to buy alcohol, and on the road I came into the first shop. The elevator did not work so for couple of flights to the necessary floor we with the friend slowed down and, without arranging, got beer from packages "Alphabet of Taste", packages were hided in a backpack, and beer was inconveniently thrust by armpits.

I do not know what precisely monthly income at us and how many I can spend. I understand that it big, but every time when it is necessary to ask money, I worry though never refuse to me. I do not consider this money.

Clothes and markers of prosperity

Shame and markers of prosperity

I was lucky: I was born in family of confused twenty-year-old children (the cadet of military college and the teacher of music school), and by fifteen years somehow it was the daughter of the wealthy businessman and a metsenatka. So left that I had money, and it is more of them, than at my friends and acquaintances. Therefore the last 10 years I live in the constant exhausting tension, kind of to confuse nobody and most not to catch derisive is if carries - or the hating look: "Aha, rich, well everything with you is clear".

Ridiculously? Today - yes, and then did not arise not a shadow of doubt that this marker of prosperity will not help me to find new friends among the huge company of strangers. There was no wish at all that my security will become the first that about me is learned. Often itself I take the lead and I anticipate reaction which in fact can not be. Constraint sits in me so deeply that I do not want to run once again any more.

- … and on you there was such Prada shirt. I understood at once that we from the different worlds and I do not fit here.

I have no career ambitions in the sphere where I work now. The father constantly says: when will you open something the? Projects in art or education which to me are nice already exist and to make something it is better, I lack experience yet.

My circle of acquaintances are the creative, keen people occupied in one thousand different projects - from architecture before children's education. It is important for me that the person was able to think out unexpected things, was light on the feet. Yes, they sometimes criticize me, pay attention to my money, but I do not want to change the company: these are interesting people, with them it is not boring.

Now to feel comfortable, I need 220 000 rubles a month. Though in principle I can live - if not to take into account rent of my apartment in the "center" of Moscow - and for 25 thousand rubles, I had such experience.

If the girlfriend long saves for a Chloй jacket, she will have an opportunity to be proud of it. If I tell: "Look what new skirt at me", it will sound strange: to surrounding it is clear that, most likely, it costs much. Though I just wanted that they praised, let us assume, a pattern and how she on me sits.

Contempt for children of the rich

The fact that I was born in rather poor family affects: with gilded youth - children of father's friends - we usually do not find the general subjects for a conversation. But in general, I communicated with rich age-mates long ago, the teenager when mother took me with herself on secular actions. Her it was boring for one, and was considered as good form to be published in this circle with children: like "the celebutante and her young lion". Several my schoolmates participated in Tatler ball. But the father has an opinion that the less you shine, the it is less at you than problems. So I have no need in maintaining the "status" earned by parents.

Prosperity of partners for me not a problem, and here my prosperity - a serious barrier to the partner, especially if it aggravated feeling of own importance. My present relations are much more balanced in terms of "who main here". We think more of how to make conveniently and comfortably to both, than about that whose money we spend.

With branded clothes there are still nuances.

The daughter of the large Russian businessman told "Knife" about invisible markers of luxury, about why the condition of parents goes in a set with shame and as the wealth prevents to live.

- And you remember how we for the first time met? I came to work to you office, we had the same project.

From the moment of acquaintance we communicated five years, and now it appears, all these years it was clear to the person at once that we from the different worlds.

Charity and ambitions

Money and choice of the partner

During my following serious relations we with the father swore and then half a year did not talk because we with my boyfriend refused to take from it money. He shouted that I do not respect myself if I am going to live in these terrible conditions (for it the room on Tver which we planned to remove was terrible). It is ridiculous that by the standards of the city the young man was from very rich family, approximately as our family to the Moscow measures, and worried a little at the beginning because we got acquainted in the middle of the field during the summer festival, he moved for the sake of our relations to Moscow, and here already other criteria of security.

Usually with anybody I do not discuss the volunteer activity. Because once I was told: "If I had so much money, I would support by the largest sums all projects which collect; creepy that you spend for the taxi more, than for children". It feel ill at ease that my acts of charity are considered as less significant, than what is carried out by less wealthy people.

After New year gathered to the country with friends. The first option: the lovely giving artists very pleasant and simple, but close for the big company. The second option: I suggest to go instead to a country house to my parents where the wood is near, there are a pool and several rooms.

Here examples of such situations when I it would like.

The highest salary in my life - 70 000 rubles. Any more I never received.

Now I am signed on regular donations for the projects connected with protection of children with ensuring the help to bed patients, adults, hospices and animals. Each New year I participate assembled gifts to people in nursing homes. That year went to Vydropuzhsk where wrote down stories of the people living there. As the volunteer periodically I work as the operator of hotline when in Russia there take place meetings, I decipher diaries "Is lived" in the project. There are still single donations, but in it there is no special involvement. If I see the project which will be agreed with my representations about "that nobody left offended", I transfer money.

Long time at me was not moral confidence that to be a wealthy person - it is good. Yes, I have what others do not have, it is convenient, but still confuses me that I cannot descend for the ordinary person, same, as well as all.

Recently there was a conversation with the friend:

Thanks to money of the father I can not think of salary and work at projects which are pleasant. Never in life I asked an increase to salary, and the reason for that the same embarrassment, colleagues know that problems with money at me do not happen.

Yes why we in general have to think that there is an excessive luxury? If there is a pool, let's swim in it, but not to comprehend class stratification.

I practically never buy to myself branded things, but it seems that if to ask parents, then the refusal will not be. I do not follow the fashion. I will not distinguish the last Cйline collection from a collection of two-year prescription. The taste in clothes is strongly affected by my bohemian environment so the thing price for me not the main thing. Circulation on shops takes a lot of time. Usually I buy clothes in "Color" and in Leform, a lot of things are brought by parents from trips across Europe.

One school acquaintance went by "Hummer" with pink wheels at which on a door rhinestones laid out her name. The idea about the rich spiteful silly person who earned a lot of money by means of criminal schemes terribly tires. I know many wealthy people from a circle of father's acquaintances, and any of them is not silly. I cannot tell that they are erudite, we will never keep up the conversation on Silvia Plath, but at the same time I will never be able to tell something distinct about cargo transportation, financial transfers or production of a PET container.

I roll up eyes: "I know these designers, mothers".


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