was Noticed that bad people live well, and at kind it is full of problems that is why so, at requests of readers

Published: 5.9.2018
that bad people live well, and at kind is full of problems that is why so

And where, tell me, justice? 

Why for sincere desire help can even spit in a face? Than you deserved it? Whether all of you have to do good deeds? Whether it is worth it?

& #8211; Go with me. I want to show you something & #8230; It is my garden. For many years in it these flowers blossom, and I care for them. But they would never get out of hand for this purpose who did not look after them.

The wise person suddenly rose, opened a door and put a mirror on a table.

& #8211; In the world there is a lot of dirt and the evil. But the one who wants remains clean & #8230; Be honest before themselves and others. Nevertheless, you remember: you should not cast pearls before swine. It will not help either them, or you".

P.S. Share the sincere riches only with those who deserve it!

The wise person patiently listened to her and told:

Why nobody notices and appreciates good deeds? People just close eyes to them, Revista Sufletului writes.

"Once the young woman who, choking with tears, told it the story came to the house of the wise old man.

& #8211; Undress and go outside naked.

This parable can answer your questions. Wisely and truly!

& #8211; I do not know how to live & #8230; she told by the shivering voice. All the life I treated people as wanted that they treated me. I was with them sincere and honest. I tried to help, without expecting something in exchange. But in reply people just used me, and sneered behind my back. To me it is very painful, and I was awfully tired. I ask you, tell what to do?

& #8211; Sorry, but you probably joke! & #8211; she screamed. If I leave undressed, all will begin to hoot and scoff over me!

& #8211; It is a shame to you to leave naked, but but you for some reason are not afraid to go with the undressed soul! It at you is open as this door. You allow all to look there! But soul & #8211; this mirror and for this reason we can see ourselves in soul of other people. And if people see reflection of a disgrace of the defects in virtues, then try to slander, humiliate, offend you. Not everyone has a courage to recognize that someone is better than it.

& #8211; What then to do to me? How can I change it if nothing depends on me?, - she asked.

& #8211; And you study at the nature. Look at these wonderful flowers and do as they, & #8211; open the soul only for good people. Avoid those who break your petals and cover them from the sun. These weeds grow better than flowers, and you can do nothing with it.

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