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Published: 5.8.2018
microloans in credit cooperative

In the city the Buoy is also an opportunity to obtain the urgent credit under an interest rate which for certain to be pleasant to you. The credit cooperative "Buy-credit" was created on June 17, 2013 in the city the Buoy. It is one of representative offices "Ilma credit" which specializes in issuance of credits to the population quickly.


"Buoy credit" to the regular and potential customers to issue the application, and further and to obtain a target loan (microcredit) under maternity capital cash. It is very fast procedure.

It is obligatory by consideration of the application check of the client on lack of the overdue credits in banks. Remember that it is possible to use maternity capital only for acquisition of housing, improvement of conditions of accommodation of family, capture of a mortgage under any percent.

A loan under maternity capital

The Buy-credit cooperative works quickly, its main advantage before competitors - the work focused on satisfaction of interests of clients. We give the chance to quickly obtain the necessary credit.

Fill all necessary fields in the questionnaire, namely passport data, the place of work relevant at the moment, the registration address, official level of income and also the contact phone number with you.

There is in cooperative also a service - the microcredit to salary. It is relevant for those who urgently need the insignificant sum of money which is absent at the person at the moment. You can issue the application in the city the Buoy on receiving the credit, without leaving the house, it is enough to fill out the special questionnaire on our website.

You will spend no more than 5 minutes: just specify the desirable sum of money and term for which you will have an opportunity to extinguish it completely. This service is called the credit calculator.

Let's say that owing to some reasons refused to you receiving the credit in the bank organization, and money is urgently necessary. Address to our cooperative - and you will be given the necessary sum within 2-3 hours if you do not violate a condition of the preliminary contract and the charter of the company. It is possible to take from us for two years proceeds of credit in the sum from 10 to 300 thousand rubles. You can learn about the monthly sum of repayment if you use the credit calculator, located on our website.

Consider our interest rate - it makes only 20% per annum, in certain cases can vary.


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