Selection: darling, not pains from what can save the man good sanatorium

Published: 29.9.2017
darling, not pains from what can save the man good sanatorium

It is good that today there is an opportunity to carry out "servicing" of a male body it is most effective also in one place. How to make it, the head of MPI Sanatorium of S.M. Kirov in Zheleznovodsk told us Kazbek Akhtemirovich Borayev, the doctor-urologist of the top skills.

- How many days last the medical program in your health resort?

- Yes, treatment of men has the features. First of all, I want to tell that a half of diseases at men has psychogenic character. It is the first moment. The second: many patients come to us or not examined at all, or with hyper diagnostics that is when at them found diseases which are absent actually. Therefore we very carefully examine each man coming to us. I personally with everyone am ready to have a talk, ask frankly on those problems about which he would not begin to speak to the district doctor, was ashamed. But we need it for statement of the right diagnosis.

- Treatment in sanatorium essentially differs from ordinary "sick-list" or not?

- Differs, and matter not only and not just in procedures. We in sanatorium use a natural medical factor, we avoid drug treatment. Being here, the person enters the quiet and ordered mode: the minimum passes five kilometers on foot on terrainkur, it should reach sources, to take mineral water and to move. He feels a pacification because is in quiet, very beautiful and ecologically safe resort. All this gives positive psychoemotional effect: the person is literally updated from within and comes back home in absolutely other state.

- Your many guests come repeatedly?

- Men became "more painful" today, than before?

- You told that even more often come to you with wives. The wife can receive medical treatment too?

- Kazbek Akhtemirovich, today the concept "male health" includes the whole complex of problems. What enters it?

- We approach each person individually, but there are, of course, also general inspections. For example, at us now literally diabetes epidemic, and it diseases can be the cause of the whole bouquet of consequences: erectile dysfunction, infertility, hypertension … Therefore we examine the person in a complex, we treat too in a complex. For this purpose we have all necessary medical and diagnostic equipment. We developed several medical programs and training courses for our patients. All local resort resources - intake of mineral water and mud cure surely enter the strategy of treatment. Plus psychotherapy and personal contact of the doctor with the patient. Patients have to believe the doctor.

- Yes, about 70% of vacationers come repeatedly from year to year: they see permanent remission and significant improvement of quality of life after a course of treatment in our sanatorium. The majority aged from 45 years is also more senior though we see that such treatment and prevention it is already necessary to youth. Especially from ecologically unsuccessful regions: Astrakhan region, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, even Moscow. From there is a flow of people with an urolithic disease and even more dangerous illnesses.

- I would tell that men historically watch over the health much less. If in each city there was always an antenatal clinic, then similar men's was not therefore men just had no place to go with the specific problems. Therefore the first purpose of specialists of our sanatorium of S.M. Kirov - to find the true reason of these or those problems with health before picking up really necessary and effective procedures. Because, for example, "the urolithic disease" is not the diagnosis, but a consequence of other disease. Or here a number of diseases of a liver are connected with violation of exchange processes.

- The minimum course - 14 days, but are, of course, just a tribute to objective circumstances. To optimum plan rest and treatment for 3 weeks. And that is why: the mineral bathtub, therapeutic mud is very powerful impact on an organism which gives reaction to a cardiovascular system. After 45 years there are more than a half of our people already hypertensive persons, have atherosclerosis, narrowing of vessels of a brain, at many diabetes of various degrees of severity, functional violation of the musculoskeletal device. We explain to each vacationer that water from a source cannot be drunk as tea, it extremely active therefore it is dangerous to abuse it: if to drink it in liters without control, then it is possible at itself in kidneys or a bladder from a small pebble to grow up a huge cobble-stone! And those who come for several days do not know when to stop and all try to absorb for short term of "usefulness". Effect of such treatment strictly return. Therefore the more measuredly the medical schedule, the is more than advantage for health.

Therefore in our sanatorium not only urologists, but also the endocrinologist, the therapist, the gastroenterologist, the gynecologist (many come with wives) work, we will develop the neurologic direction now. It is necessary for comprehensive inspection and the full help.

- Of course, we have a gynecologist, procedures for women, the whole gynecologic program. But matter also that we specially accustom to come families. First, the wife herself obtains detailed information on how to keep health of the husband. Secondly, in certain cases it is more effective to work with couple at once to solve some men's issue. Thirdly, we accustom family to a healthy lifestyle: we offer tasty dietary food, the cleaning cocktails all-strengthening procedures, for example, sessions in a salt cave, an underwater shower, physiotherapy exercises, the dosed walking. We called all this "Ecology in us". We hope that they will transfer these good habits also to the everyday life after sanatorium.

- Do you use standard methods of inspection?


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