Is curious: Khabarovsk Krai will remove barriers to fishing by indigenous people

Published: 27.9.2017
Khabarovsk Krai will remove barriers to fishing by indigenous people

To forbid industrial fishing of a Siberian salmon in the summer, and autumn the governor Sergey Furgal suggested to reduce to the sizes necessary for full completion of population of salmon. The head of the region held a meeting with representatives of indigenous ethnic groups of Khabarovsk Krai at which he discussed solutions of a problem of traditional fishing.

Sergey Furgal charged to regional committee of fishery to podgovit full information on commercial production of fish. As for fishing of chastikovy breeds, the governor let know at once - volumes will redistribute in favor of people. On salmon the situation more difficult also demands the deep analysis. The authorities need time to separate the real producers of fish products from those firms that conduct production for the sake of a fast profit, at the same time violating the law. - Fish, as well as wood, as well as minerals & #8212; property of our region - These riches, belong to all residents of Khabarovsk Krai, but not the separate companies. And at us now people cannot catch on a table, but field men receive excess profits. Let's change such situation and we will begin with our dear indigenous people. We will try to make so that you caught so much how many it is necessary for a traditional diet, & #8212; Sergey Furgal summed up.

This question not the first year causes social tension. The indigenous people living along the spawning rivers cannot catch quantity of fish necessary for them, so she there simply does not reach. According to locals, tens of the companies on all edge conducting commercial production contrary to all rules partition off mouths, limiting spawning.

"If to distribute this quantity between all indigenous people, then it will turn out that contacts one person from 300 grams to 1 kg of fish, & #8212; Lyudmila Struchkova, the chairman of tribal community & #171 told; Орон» from Tuguro-Chumikansky district. - What to do to us with such volumes nobody knows. In our culture and a diet chastikovy fish is also important, as well as salmon.

& #8212; What area do not take, a situation everywhere identical. For example, on Okhota River there are 19 enterprises at once. And all catch fish in the mouth. As a result of the river empty, fish cannot normally spawn. Aboriginals are not able to catch even for winter preparations. And how many we do not sound the alarm, the issue is not resolved, & #8212; the chairman of the board of the Okhotsk office of Association of indigenous ethnic groups of the North Andrey Andreyev reported.

Also representatives of KMNS transferred to the governor the list of urgent problems which prevent maintenance of national way. Among them there is an absence of hospitals, roads, communications, a problem with children's education in the remote northern areas and many other things. On each of points the head of the region gave operational instructions to the profile ministries.


Not better a situation and with fishing of chastikovy fishes. This year scientists calculated the volume of production of chastikovy breeds at the level of 2,5 thousand tons. From them 1,6 thousand tons allocated to field men, and representatives of KMNS & #8212; three times less.


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