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Published: 1.10.2017
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You do not write about SEO yet? Then we already go to you! :)

So, my blog about well-drilling in the Moscow region was born on May 22, 2012

. I remembered it. Sooner childbirth even in process as the domain is not confirmed yet and I parasitize on a trial version of a hosting :) But here the fact is important. How many did I to it go? About a year. The thought of creation of the blog arose for a long time, but all ended with an institution and overindulgence from Zhzhshkaya. The hosting was farther from Google.

As all of you managed to notice, the Internet furiously takes root into our world. In ours - east - not so furiously, of course, as in western, but nevertheless. At once the phrase from the well-known and favourite movie comes to mind: "There will be neither cinema, nor theater soon, there will be one continuous television!" And in our case there will be one continuous Internet. Books, movies, music - all this can quietly be dug in network in the necessary quantity and volume now. The love, friendship, the relations - all this concerns too. But a post not about it :)

Before I wrote about useful tips for weak, but not less magnificent floor. Then wrote about cats. For "kotoblog" we with the girlfriend even created design, pretty cool :) Then there was a blog about technicians of a molding from polymer clay. As a rule, on more than I was never enough for steam of posts. Such I am a person: I am fond of something before consciousness loss, but it is short. Therefore if I in few weeks will throw also this blog, then in it there will be nothing surprising. Though for creation of this blog very many efforts were spent.

About what I will write in this blog? About what directly I deal every day with - about the Internet and all its secret (and not really) buttons. I faced the world of SEO, SEM, SMM, etc. studies only half a year ago therefore still it is necessary to much. My idea of the Internet industry quite superficial: I know only little by little. And, of course, I want to know more. IMpuzzles - it will be my own puzzle representation about Internet marketing which I will collect on small detalka, secrets and experiences. To whom it is interesting - join :)

There now, and reached me :)

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