Rest with children samostoyatelnomuzy d'Orsay in Paris - we acquaint children with art of a modernist style, interesting

Published: 7.7.2018
rest with children samostoyatelnomuzy d'Orsay in Paris-we acquaint children with art of a modernist style

Besides, here constantly there take place performances and concerts, special exhibitions and other actions. Musйe d'Orsay was chosen also as the place of passing of the festival devoted to origin of cinema. Visitors surely look in small gift shop, the most valuable to Russian-speaking here - an album guide on the museum in Russian. This interesting brochure will allow to show what was seen to acquaintances because it is forbidden to photograph in the museum, some, however, manage to do it secretly from numerous security guards.

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The building of Musйe d'Orsay has 3 floors. On the first floor sculptural works are collected. And along the hall in small rooms works of some painters of the end of the 19th century, for example, of Henri Rousseau, Edouard Manet, Kamil Corot, Claude Monet and others are exposed.

It is a little about the building, it is an interesting monument of architecture too. It impresses with the scales: height of the building of the museum of 40 meters, length of 140 meters, a set of vaulted windows allow to get inside to sunlight therefore the exposition is very favourably lit. The metal framework of a basis in the spirit of an era was hidden by magnificent architectural scenery from artificial marble. Therefore construction reminded rather luxury hotel, and that there was initially a station, remind 7 arches with an exit to the embankment and the sculptures symbolizing three French cities - Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nantes.

This museum attracts the real judges fine, it is possible to see Vincent Van Gogh, Mone, Renoir, Paul Gaugin's works here. That in the museum it was interesting even to small children, it is possible to organize an excursion so that it reflected some subject & #8212; for example, set them the task to find everything that is anyway connected with dance art. And here for school students visit of this museum will be also so very informative. Especially if before it to supplement poor school baggage of their knowledge of creativity of the French modernist style with additional data, perhaps, to see illustrations of art of this period. Then they will have a fine opportunity, using the knowledge, it is correct to apprehend the creativity presented in the museum, having an opportunity to see not reproductions or pictures in encyclopedias, and original pictures.

Operating time: from Tuesday to Sunday 9.30 - 18.00, on Thursday work is continued till 21:45, day off - Monday. According to tourists, the best time for visit of the museum - in the late afternoon when there are no organized groups of tourists any more. The entrance to the museum with carriages and backpacks for carrying of children is forbidden, however in clothes you can hire a folding carriage.

Only in 1977 the government decided to place the museum here, but by then the building absolutely lost the gloss. History tells such fact: the idea to use the building of the former station for the museum came to mind to the director of Louvre Jean Michel Laclott once. The general reconstruction lasting 10 years was required. Only on December 1, 1986 the current president of France Franзois Mitterrand solemnly opened the museum. Interesting detail: the French artist-painter of battle-pieces Eduard Deteyl compared then the newfound building of the station to the museum of fine arts, but who knew that his words will become prophetical?!

Thirdly, not only models of painting and a sculpture, but also such art forms as cinema, music, the photo, architectural models, examples of design are presented (furniture) and decorating of the opera here.

On the second floor - painting of symbolists and naturalists and also a sculpture Rodin, Bourdelle, Mayol. The cinematography history exhibition located here has to be interesting to school students.

But judges of painting who were at least here once hurry on the third floor: exactly here Vincent Van Gogh, Gauguin, August Renoir, Edouard Manet and Claude Monet's ingenious cloths are collected. And it and the scandalous "Breakfast on a grass" of Manet shocking once the public, both the well-known self-portrait of Van Gogh, and many other cloths. There is here too a gallery of east art not less interesting.

The collection of the museum consists of more than 4 thousand exhibits which were carefully selected from collections of France and other countries and also from private collections. A task of the museum - to recreate the atmosphere of art of this period therefore often exceptional, world famous cloths adjoin to little-known pictures.

Mouzeille d' D'Orsay in Paris (Musee d’Orse), having opened in 1986 on the left coast of Seine, at that time became the phenomenon innovative among a set of the museums of art in the world. First, the exposition of the museum for the first time was located not in the former palace or even not in the building built specially, and in the building of the former railway station.

Address of Mouzeia d' D'Orsay: rue de Lille, 62 Journey: Solferino subway (line 12). The scaffold can cross Seine from Louvre or through the garden Tuileries.

Our council: if time for survey of the museum is not enough, and there is a wish to see the most interesting - surely take the plan of the museum on an entrance (there is the Russian option). Give preference to survey of impressionists at the top level and also consider the large-scale model of the region of the Parisian Opera placed in a glass floor below the first floor - let children will feel soaring over the city as if Peter Pan. It is also possible to come into cafe at the top level to consider the mechanism of action of the huge hours located on a building facade from Seine.

Secondly, it covered not all history of art or its considerable period, in the museum works of the small period from 1848 to 1914 are presented. Musйe d'Orsay serves as a peculiar link between collections of Louvre and Museum of Modern Art of the Center of Georges Pompidou, showing achievements of an era of the Modernist style. And here are presented work of both impressionists and postimpressionists, and representatives of other schools - academic, realistic, symbolist.


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