New heading: you keep the savings on a deposit in bank

Published: 9.7.2018
you keep the savings on a deposit in bank

Deposits in bank are the most available (and the simplest) way of preservation and enhancement.

the Problem is not simple, but not such difficult. It is necessary to allocate time for that to deal with it.

There is short personal financial history sent by one of my clients:

You come to our intensiv of the day off "A workshop on investments and personal finance". It will take place on Saturday, September 24.

I work as the accountant, I conduct several firms. Bought the apartment in Moscow, without getting into a mortgage. Free schedule of work. Did not postpone 10% of income earlier. What remained from expenses - that and went for investment, i.e. simple deposits, with rearrangement for more favorable percent. Several times went for exchange occupations, but did not risk to start actions. Now at once MYSELF, and then I will pay others. Irina

For this reason this way is so widespread, many families prefer to keep the savings on a contribution in banks.

One more plus, there will be a small group of the participants who came to solve just the same problem.

If you are approximately in the same situation, as well as Irina - use only deposits, long ago look for options of how it is reliable to keep the savings, already "burned" in the stock market and in doubtful projects - that came time to visit our "Workshop on investments and personal finance".

Why it is so important to learn "to care" for the savings?

A name (obligatory)

The only option is a competent distribution of the savings on different types of assets. Or in other words - each family needs to form the own investment-portfolio containing different types of assets (i.e. not to hold all money only on deposits).

Theory minimum, aiming at the solution of your financial tasks, simple and available presentation of the material.

However, the events now considerable decrease in % on deposits, force to look for them replacement alternative.


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