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Published: 21.8.2017
5 typical mistakes of the Russian businessmen

The third mistake - excessive trust to opinion of a sales channel. As it is simpler to communicate with a sales channel (dealers, distributors), and sometimes more pleasantly, businessmen are inclined to take on trust everything that those tell. They, of course, obtain very valuable information, however it yet not knowledge of the market. Especially as dealers can use communication for the sake of own interests and give only that information which is favorable of

Here not the complete list of questions giving, however, an idea of what benefit the competent marketing specialist can bring to business. Carefully processed information can save from wrong and ruinous moves on creation of products which will not be demanded by the consumer. And, on the contrary, it can help with development of a product which will be will not only be bought, but also to recommend to others.

It is easier to study opinion of a sales channel, and this seductive ease relaxes businessmen.

The second mistake - confusion between the consumer and a sales channel. Those who transfer you money for the settlement account, and those who as a result use your goods, not always the same people. Dealers, distributors, retail chain stores and not network retail points are a sales channel, but not consumers. Their opinion is important too, they also influence your revenue, but they buy your goods then to sell and therefore first of all think of profit which will be got.

One more example. The Swedish company IKEA, having entered the American market, faced weak interest from residents of the USA. Then marketing specialists went into action. They carried out questioning and found out that Americans did not like too small furniture designed especially for tiny European apartments. As soon as the furniture size in the American shops IKEA increased, affairs were been on the mend.

It is necessary to carry out the hall tests (poll for the purpose of identification of the attitude towards qualities of goods) with involvement of real consumers. Otherwise leaves that every day hundreds of enterprises for the whole country enter new products into the range, spend funds for advertizing campaigns and actions, not always understanding that these undertakings are doomed if the opinion of the consumer - for the sake of what all also was started is not considered.

It is prepared according to the book by Svyatoslav Biryulin "As to spoil everything and to ruin business"

On the volume of information fish is in the lead, after all it is in a reservoir. But on structure and whenever possible further use of information the ichthyologist considerably is ahead of fish.

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We will consider on it and other examples of 5 "classical" mistakes of the businessmen in the sphere of marketing presented in the book "As to Spoil Everything and to Ruin Business".

Who knows about life in a pond more - fish who lives in it, or the ichthyologist watching a pond from the outside? And if you need to make the management decision on a pond to whom you address - the scientist or a crucian?

The fifth mistake - to put itself to the place of the consumer. We can consider that we can easily get up on a position of the consumer - the visitor of the website, cafe, the user of service. But our own experience inevitably distorts perception, and the fact that it seems to us obviously attractive, can leave the consumer indifferent.

For example, producers of the first frying pans with non-stick coating tried to advance them as not demanding oils for frying in the beginning. But later marketing specialists of the company found out that hostesses like much more ease with which they wash. Frying pans began to advance as non-stick, and sales went up.

"Knowledge of the ichthyologist" is the information systematized and analysed by means of special methods allowing to make very exact idea of true intentions, preferences, myths and the consumer's wishes.

So, the first mistake - invincible conviction of businessmen that they "know the market" and "know the consumer". Knowledge of the market about which in this case businessmen speak is "fish knowledge", the valuable, but unsystematic and not undergone the detailed analysis experience in the industry. It is important, but it is not enough. The decision-making method on the basis of such experience is intuitive, and intuitive decisions in business can cost very much.

Marketing is not how to sell something unnecessary, marketing is how to create something necessary. It not advance of things, but creation of what is necessary for consumers.

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The fourth mistake - to make decisions without marketing study. Example: one of heads of the directions chose products at the plant in China. He took samples in hand and displayed them in two heaps. The fact that as he was sure, "will go" in Russia got to the first. In another - the fact that "will not be on sale". A question on what basis it makes the choice, he with surprise answered: "But I ten years in this business!"

Other things are important for the final consumer absolutely: price, usability, brand, durability, functionality, existence of service and so on.

The choice was carried out on the basis of "fish knowledge", that is the intuition which is mistakenly taken for examination. As a result both collections which are selected thus had to be sold with million losses.

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